Friday, May 25, 2018


I got home from my walk last night to an email from a blogger friend (who no longer blogs I might add)... and she's ordered a 'Tree Table Runner'.

Whoop!  I get to make that one today.  At least I have the trees shapes and layout sussed now.

It's one thing to look at a picture and go "I can do that", quite another to put it all together.  It looked easy eh?  It wasn't to begin with I assure you.  Getting those trees 'just right' took time.

Before I can start on the next Tree runner, I am off out to meet up with Robyn P and Johanna for morning tea.  We haven't had a catch up in a while, so I'm looking forward to it. Little Lotta will have grown heaps I'm sure.

And that is all I have ... for now.  Catch you later on.


OMG it's freezing.  And wet?  Let me tell you about wet!  Thunder and lightening virtually all night long!  Torrential rain!  It is now 11 am and it's finally stopped for a moment.

Morning tea with the girls was lovely. Little Lotta slept through most of our visit, just waking up for a while at the end.  Too cold for cuddles today, she stayed all snug in her pram.

I'm home with me feet up, heater ON for once and I'm going to stay that way for a while!  It's too cold to go into the sewing room and sew right now.  I doubt I would get much done cos I'm just so cold right now.

There's two seed loaves in the oven as I 'speak'... I will have a couple of slices for my lunch later on.

Right now I'm going to continue reading Coronation Street, I've only got two weeks to catch up on about a year's worth of episodes!  Might not make it actually, that's a lot of reading.

ABOVE:  Nat what do you think of this line up?
I started this one at around 11.30 last night, cos I was still up.  Much more traditional Christmas fabrics.

Shit what a slow day!  I've literally done nothing except read Coronation Street episodes all day.  My butt hurts!

I talked Brylee through getting dinner in the oven (lamb chops cooked in mint sauce) and that's about all!

It's been nice in a way though. I needed a break from the sewing, my lower back was killing me.  I might get back to it later on tonight.  

Well I didn't get back to it!   I watched Coronation Street, and now I'm going to bed... really early for me!   Stew and I were kept awake quite a bit last night with the storm, so we are both tired. 


  1. Happy Friday! It's still Thursday here.I don't know what a Tree Runner is, but at first glance I thought you said "Free Runner" and thought free? I'lll take one too!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the Christmas tree runners!!! You can never have too many Christmas runners right????

  3. You might need to get yourself a little fan heater to put on the floor of the sewing room, keep your legs warm!

  4. The tree runners are just lovely once again dare I say it you're so talented. I have been resting helping mum doing housework packing my bag

  5. Love the tree runner! Winter sux hey!

  6. The runner looks great. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Just catching up on the blogs I read tonight Chris, and I LOVE it!!


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