Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Today Stew and I will head up to Auckland for J's funeral.
While dreading it, I'm also excited to see all the family again, and the one's who will be here from Canada.

I know it won't be a time to 'socalise' as such, but it will still be lovely to see them all.

While we are up there, I plan on going to Spotlight to get a couple of things to continue making owls... running out of felt for the eyes for a start.

I doubt we will get time to visit Steve, Bex and the kids...but that's OK cos I will be back up there on Friday for another reason, and can see them then.

I made another owl last night, it's not quite finished...

ABOVE:  See... no twig. I'm going to start using thin dowel as I can't keep cutting up me trees for twigs!  *smiles*
So, a trip to Mitre 10 today is in order too, to get some thin dowel.

ABOVE:  See my Owl clip?  I use him to hold up the own mobiles for photos, rather appropriate eh?  I got that owl clip in one of the Hospice Shops I worked in, in Auckland.  

Well... I better get a move on, although we don't have to be up in Auckland till lunchtime, I don't want to be in a rush.  We will probably head off after the kids have gone to school.


3.20 pm : Emotionally draining day. Funeral was tough. We have just left.... and are heading off to have a late lunch/early dinner before we head home.

Heading home.
Rush hour traffic.

7.03 pm:  Safely home again.  The trip home was uneventful... well... except for when the cop pulled us up in Huntly!
Stew went through an orange light... BOOM.  Snapped.  Luckily, he didn't get a ticket, just a written warning not to do it again.

We are both so tired.  We both woke up at 4.30 am this morning, and didn't sleep much after that.  So yeah, tired.   Will be an early night for both of us I'd say.

Fingers crossed we don't have another funeral for a very long time.  They suck.

I got everything else done today that was on my 'to get' list.  It was weird shopping in Manukau again.  Their Spotlight is so BIG, BRIGHT, AND TIDY!  Such a difference from the Hamilton shop, which is dreary.

I'm going to sign off for the day now.  Just want to relax and get to bed at a decent time.


  1. Hope your day goes as well as it can under the circumstances x

  2. Drive carefully. Thinking of you :-(.

  3. Thinking of you all especially this afternoon Stay close and treasure the time together.. as you all support the others in the family together .. Love the owls its hard to pick a favourite but all light up the day and will go to some happy homes.

    Drive safely...

    and Thanks for taking the time to do the blog for us to enjoy

  4. Sorry to hear it was a sad day. Hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone.


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