Saturday, May 05, 2018


Today we are unexpectedly going to Auckland!

Unexpected, cos we WERE going to Taupo to meet up with Sandra and Chris D from Palmerston North... but then I was reminded yesterday that today is Archer's 3rd birthday!!!

Whoops! How awful of me to forget his birthday!  I try to remember all of the grandkid's birthdays, but well... sometimes I do forget.

I SHOULD remember his birthday, it's :

5/5/15, at 15.15 pm!  All the fives!

So, we are going to see the family up there, and probably take the little ones to lunch at Mc Donalds.   We know they don't get to go out to lunch often, so it will be a nice treat for them.  I am taking the remainder of the Almond Bread loaf for Stew and I to have for lunch.
Being a very good diabetic!

We can't stay long in Auckland though, as we are expecting visitors this afternoon, who are going to be staying the night.

So, that's actually it for now... I will try and update during the day.

Catch ya later.


Safely in Auckland.
And before I forget.... I took a pricky test last night after dinner and my blood sugar level was 5.5 !!! The lowest I've been in years!

I was so happy.

HOME.  Lovely day out, even though it was a fairly quick trip up and back.
We had a nice lunch at a mall, and ran into, of all people, our daughter Amanda too!  She does part time work up in Auckland.

 ABOVE:  Amanda, looking good with a new haircut!

Now, a few happy snaps of the family in Auckland:

ABOVE:  The birthday boy, blowing out his candles and after enjoying it.

 ABOVE:  Clearly she didn't want her photo taken!  

Our visitors arrived just after we got home.  Martyn and Jacqui have now left again for the wedding reception, and we have two extra kids for the night.
Think we will cope somehow!  lol

11.37 PM:  And our visitors arrived home a while ago, so we've been yakking and enjoying each other's company.  But I've told them to bugger off to bed cos they are falling asleep on the couch/chair.  Poor things are so tired!

We are off to bed too .... see ya tomorrow.


  1. The Chicken nuggets there aren't too bad for carbs - maybe get a 10 pack to share, that's only 9 carbs each person. Or a 10 pack of the Chicken McBites is only 8.4 carbs for the entire pack. It's still nice to eat something in store if others are and also good to know you. Have fun :)

  2. Happy 3rd birthday to Archer! I hope that you all have a lovely day - it certainly sounds like a busy one for you all.

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM


    You could have the grilled chicken salad at McDonalds. With some of your almond bread


  4. Patricia from Canada12:58 PM

    Good numbers keep it up

  5. Well done with the prick test. Happy birthday Archer. Gee 3 years

  6. So happy with your numbers Well done you!! gr8 work

    Enjoy your busy day ,,,nothing like catching up with family and friends etc esp as the weathers at a nice place just now .
    Not too hot, not too cold.

    Love the wee playpen story for those lil pups !!

    Cheers ..

  7. Holy Moly... that's an amazing result!! Your doctor will be blown away by the change in your numbers and I'm sure you will get your Metformin reduced next time around. How is Stew's result looking? Hopefully better too.

  8. Excellent BGL result!! It really doesn't take long to see a difference... well done!

  9. Happy Birthday to Archer, 3 years already, time flies.
    Well done on your excellent numbers, you are doing so well.
    And these little ones are just gorgeous....btw those glasses really suit Keera.

  10. 3 years old wow lovely pictures and great results. ...

  11. Anonymous2:21 PM

    awesome work on the blood sugar!!!! Happy Birthday Archer!!!

  12. How is the baby 3 already? Time sure flies!


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