Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I'm thinking of going on a FBG walk this morning.
Not sure yet.  It depends on the weather. 
While I really don't mind walking in the rain, if it's TORRENTIAL, I'm not going. Besides that, it will be cancelled if it's pissing down.  

If I go... that will put a good dent in the morning.

If not, I'm going to do the washing, and sort out the garage some more.

I'm thinking of constructing a larger dog run outside, on the sunny side of the house.  That way the dogs can be outside more, instead of cooped up in the garage.  They do come inside several times a day, but pretty soon the little girls are going to come into season, and they will need to be kept confined, and safe from frisky boy dogs.  We don't want puppies from their first season!

I can't keep them locked in the garage for 2 weeks, with no access to outside, so must get my thinking cap on rather fast!

I'm starting to see totally consistent results with my twice daily blood testing.  Virtually nothing over a 7, and hovering around 5.5 as the lowest.  Food is getting easier to get my head around too.  I think I'm winning!
OMG I can't wait till my next 3 monthly Hba1C blood test!  JUST. CAN'T. WAIT.
Who ever thought I'd be looking forward to a blood test!!!

I think I've said that before!  Derrr.
But I really am excited.  I'm so sure my number will come down considerably.  Bring on July the 9th (well probably the 11th for the results).  7 weeks to go.

I will be posting my weight loss then too... cos there's gunna be a loss!

My rings are spinning around my fingers, and my feet!  I'VE GOT BONES.  lol  I can see a bit of a loss in my face too.  Just wish I could see it in the damn boobs!  Those suckers are hanging on for dear life. lol

OK... I better go and check out the day, see if it's going to be a walking morning.


7. 45 am:  Propped up in bed eating me toast and watching a YouTube video....

8 am: "Shit I don't feel like getting out of bed".

8.30 am:  "*sigh*... it's foggy.  Which would be nice to walk in... but do I really want to?  Not really".

9.00 am: "Owwww.. I really should go walking... will I, won't I?"

9.10 am: "Oh bugger it, I will go!"

So I race around like a blue arse fly, flinging shorts/shirt, socks/sneakers on, grab a drink, me phone, and some barley sugars.  And off I go with 5 minutes to spare.

There's quite a big group gathered!  Like, probably 14 of us at least. 

Off we go.  Nice and cloudy.  Perfect.  Then the bloody sun came out.  Grrrrr. It got hot.  I got hot.  And red faced.  But, after almost an hour of walking and talking... it was done and I feel great!

Glad I went.  Finally getting back into the swing of things. 

ABOVE:  Today's walk photo.  17 of us!  

It's been a quiet afternoon.  I was tired after my walk so did bugger all!
Cooked dinner.
Mince/tomato stew, mashed potatoes for the kids, kumera for Stew, broccoli with cheese sauce for everyone.  Was bloody yum.

I'm going to sign off now, nothing much happening around here now.  *smiles*


  1. This is all just so good to hear Chris! It's quite a process changing eating habits and figuring out what you can actually eat so I'm wrapped that you are finding it easier. When people tell you that you can't do this long term just remember that Stu and I have been doing this now for seven years - sure not every meal or even every day (I still have potatoes or the odd treat) , but enough for it to effect our health in a positive way. You will find what works for you and what allowances you can make down the track but first getting your diabetes under control is the priority. I'm sure you'll lose lots of weight too. How exciting!

  2. Awesome stuff Chris. You are nailing it.

  3. So lovely to hear you sound excited and positive about a blood test!! You are doing so well. Keep it up, girl. You've got this :) xx

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Wrapped - rapt

    1. Actually it is wrapt so if you are going to troll someone's spelling at least know what you are doing!!!

    2. Good on you for going on the walk, I know the "will I - won't I" debate well - quite frankly I have gotten lazy & the "won't" tends to win.

    3. Haha... yes wrapt - thanks Tracy. Oh dear, I don't usually make that mistake but I'm so glad the spelling police were on to me :)

  5. Haha! I don’t know about wrapped vs. wrapt, or rapt 😀. Here, I’d say stoked you are finding a new normal. A new, healthy normal. So happy for you Chris. I go through the same doggone talk myself into it scenario whenever I work out, but I’m always happy when I do.

  6. what a happy group of you girls there .. Good on you takin,,,g the plunge for the walk (scuse the pun) lol and the feeling afterwards always is gr8.. Love the good food ideas you ones are doing and the results are all good ..

    Well done and hope the walkers days,,, are in for some good times ahead ...

    That loaf the other day looked just the goods !! .. May have to try it over the winter months ..

  7. 17 of you! That was quite the gathering! I am glad you went. It would be a bummer to miss out on one like that! Good job with the blood work. Impressive!

  8. Glad you got out for a walk!


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