Thursday, May 17, 2018


You would expect something that is brand spanking new to work eh?

Not so.  When I got this pricky thing yesterday it didn't work for me, so I took it back to the chemist and they checked it, and got it going.

It worked yesterday in the morning and at lunchtime, but last night?  Nope.

I have to psych myself up to use it, but last night I tried four times to stab my thumb and it simply did not work.  Even Stew tried it, and couldn't get it to prick him enough to draw blood.  In the end I had to use his to do my reading.  Which was perfect btw.

So this morning I'm taking the damn thing back AGAIN.  I hope they just give me a new one instead of changing the lancet and saying it's fine. It's NOT fine.

I really don't need this sort of stress!  I'm preoccupied enough over all this shit as it is!
My damn days revolve around what to eat, when to eat, when to take the damn pills, when to stab myself!  *sigh*

I really want my days to become 'normal' again.  You know, just flow. No stress.  Get to a happy place with the eating and not have to worry about it all the time.

After yesterday's Hypo, Stew bought these for me:

ABOVE:  These will help quickly if I ever get another Hypo!  

Now, today?  Well after getting that damn pricky thing sorted in town, I will come home and get some housework done.
After that... not sure.  Certainly don't need to do any sewing right now.   But then again, I've been asked to make another Christmas Runner, so I could make a start on that I suppose?

We will see.


Well... that stupid bloody pricky thing worked this morning. Grrrrr.
So, it stays till it doesn't work again I suppose.

My reading first thing this morning was EXCELLENT!  6.8 !  That is perfectly normal.
I only took half a Gliclazide tablet today, so am now waiting to see if I have a Hypo or not.
I hope not, they are not nice at all.

ABOVE:  Today's dinner will be Beef/Mushroom and tomato stew, done in the crock pot.  I'm thinking it will be rather delicious. 
I might just make an almond flour loaf for Stew and I to have with it, instead of veges.
OMG I am rather sick of veges right now!

Yaaa!  I got to lunchtime without having a Hypo!  That means halving that tablet worked.
Now to hold it there for a week and maybe go up to a whole one... but only if I need to.  I should know in a week by looking at my numbers.

I've just been to the supermarket. I wanted to get a few seeds for a loaf for Stew and I.  I will be making it shortly.

ABOVE:  Today I felt like a proper wife!  I baked.  It felt good.  The loaf looks good, and I'm sure it will taste just fine with our stew.
I love a crunchy/textured type of 'bread'.
I will tell you what Stew thinks of it... later.

Apart from the baking this afternoon, I have done nothing else!  Just a chillaxing afternoon.  Got no energy!

Dinner was really lovely.  Stew liked the loaf.
I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Time to sign off, I've got a thumping headache.  Bloody stress.


  1. I've never seen one of those before. For checking your blood?
    The candy looks delicious!(orange I hope)at first glance, I thought it said 'Barley Flavor'

  2. My lancet is the same as that one. I have noticed you need to hold it harder against your finger/thumb but we have no trouble using this kind. Hopefully you get it sorted. We got the Caresens meter that automatically logs your blood result to your phone - then you put in the details ie, before breakfast etc and it keeps the record for you... really handy! Obviously I only do this from time to time to check that my bloods are still good.

  3. Good luck with your jabbing. I have the same meter and some times I have to make 3 or 4 goes to get a flow and others its first pop.

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Good you are keeping your blood sugar levels in the normal diabetic range...hopefully you will be able to continue that with the oral medication. For a non diabetic the normal fasting blood sugar should be under 5.9.. mine was a tad higher in my last blood test . Anyway I am sick of vegies too, being on this healthy wholefoods I need chocolate!


  5. If the loaf is good can you post the recipe? Another great recipe is Super soft rolls (on my recipe blog). They are just like wholemeal bread rolls and delicious with butter and soup!

  6. throw some thawed frozen veggies into the crock pot - that way you don't have to cook extra veggies and you still get some with your meal.

    1. What? And ruin a perfectly nice stew!!!!! Yeah done that before, it doesn't taste the same once you add veges! Besides ... Onions, Tomatoes and mushrooms are all veges right? LOL

    2. They totally are! But this reminds me how I feel guilty when Ramona (just turned two) insists on frozen peas and corn for tea. Mother r guilt because it's no effort whatsoever. "Cold peas Mum! Not warm peas!" okay, I'm not going to argue!

  7. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Your loaf looks good. I wonder what Stew’s verdict will be.

  8. The loaf looks great! Can you share the recipe?

  9. Anonymous2:42 PM

    loaf looks fab!!!!!!!!! sorry about your stress headache...

  10. I'm so amazed you are rolling ahead with eating testing and results awesome news ..


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