Sunday, May 20, 2018


Who stayed up and watched THE WEDDING?

Anyone else start to wonder if that American Bishop would EVER shut up?
Anyone notice how many of the royals and guests were trying not to laugh out loud?
It was hysterical.  And awkward.  
As Stew said, that man was making the VERY MOST of his time in the spotlight!

I kept wondering if someone would go up and drag him off the 'stage'.  *smiles*

But on a whole, a lovely wedding. Meghan looked adorable.  Super simple gown, stunning and elegant.  Perfect choice for her.   Queen Mary's tiara looked sensational on Meghan, I loved it.
It was worth staying up till almost 1 am to watch it.

And now, back to normality for us commoners!
Stew and I will be doing the freakin' grocery shopping.
Brylee wants to do some shopping... prom dress I think?

Griffin's prom outfit is sorted thank goodness.  He's wearing a new pair of black trousers that have never fitted Stew, and a nice black dress shirt, again one of Stew's that has never fitted him!  Rather lucky there, no expense for us at all!

So we will be out and about for a few hours today by the look of it.

Right, off to start the day.



We went to Hamilton around 11 am.  Got the dress and shoes for Brylee's Prom.
Then on to the supermaket for groceries.

Brylee saw some random guy working there, and was like... owwww he's nice!  So she flirted with him, then I convinced her to give him her phone number!

So she did... lots of red faces, her's and his. It was so cute.

On to the shopping.... we ran into a lady I'd known MANY years ago, so did some quick catching up, which was lovely.

Home.  Unpacked the groceries, then it was about 2.30 pm.  LUNCH!  Was starving, had a meal then felt super tired, so lay down for a nap.

Woke up at 6.30 pm!  Whoops!

So here I am ... updating for the first time today... rather late.

Want to see Brylee's dress?  OK... not as stunning as Meghan's but, still cute:

 ABOVE:  She fell in love with it the moment it was on her.  It was a bit more expensive than we would have liked, but oh well... it's her Prom after all.  There is a little sash around the middle, I'm going to replace it with a white one, to match the little cardi she will be wearing with it. (if it looks better than the blue one)

ABOVE:  Luckily we found shoes that were a perfect match too.

OH!  That rather cute guy from the supermarket text Brylee mid afternoon too.... and now they are going on a date!  LOL, if it goes well he's taking her to the Prom!  Result.

Because we had such a late lunch, we are not having 'dinner' as such.  A snack later on will do.

It's later on.  Just watching mindless telly tonight.  


  1. I stayed to wait for the dress and ended up watching the lot. I was surprised that I was actually so moved! I thought it was so cute. A bit more casual than the normal royal wedding !

  2. I really enjoyed watching the royal wedding last night ... although that Minister - Michael Curry - was an interesting chap - certainly top marks for his passion! I hope that you've all had a lovely day today - and that the prom dress shopping was successful.

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    You have been quiet, hope everything is okay

  4. Brylee's dress and shoes are gorgeous! It's actually really nice to see a young lady not in a strapless mini dress! She looks beautiful x

  5. Brylee looks beautiful, I love her dress, so classy :-)

  6. Brylee you look beautiful.

  7. Brylee the dress looks lovely (you wear it well) and wow the shoes as well ..

    its neat,,, that you all have the sharing factor,,, to go together and choose together , what makes someone else happy too.

    gr8 that Griffin is all kitted too , he will look amazing too,, ,,,kindness of Stew and you Chris,,, in that not everything has to be Pierre Cardin,,, price or quality,,

    after all its whats inside the personality that counts , and clean and fresh is as good as new ..

  8. Love that dress. If she looks and feels good in it it's worth that little extra expense. Have a wonderful evening Brylee.
    Helen in France

  9. Brylee looks stunning and those shoes killer... great that Brylee isn't too shy .

  10. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Nice work Chris & Brylee - you look lovely!!!!

  11. Pretty dress and woohoo on the date!


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