Friday, May 11, 2018


Before I left for Auckland last night, I went to the supermarket and bought these:

ABOVE:  'Breakfast' sausages.

Now, my question is this:  Why are they called breakfast sausages?  Is it just because they are made smaller?
In which case, are they actually no different from 'normal' sausages?

If they are actually just smaller normal sausages, I won't be buying them again!  I will just buy normal ones.  I didn't think to check the price when I bought them... I wonder if they are more expensive than normal ones?

My 'ponder' of the day.  *smiles*

Now, if ya didn't know, I'm up in Auckland again.  I've got an appointment at 11 am.  After that, lunch with Bex and Archer, then home again.

Just a flying visit up here again, though this time I got to spend the night with Steve, Bex and the kids.  Very handy having them up here with room for me to sleep over now.

Right, I'm off to start the day.


I'm now home from Auckland.  It was a long, slow trip home.  But I'm home and now it's time to relax.

The day didn't go to plan, but that's just how it goes sometimes.  I cannot divulge any more than that.

I have a busy few days ahead with my market on Sunday.  I still want to make one more owl mobile and then set up my stall in the lounge.  It needs to be set out differently as I'm not using the big display stand anymore.

So I need to do some juggling around/practise with my tables before Sunday morning.

Super tired, will be having an early night.  But Coronation Street is on!  MUST. WATCH. lol


  1. Here they are about $3.50 a little less than regular sized. I think they taste quite a bit different.

  2. they are pretty much the same, countdown do there own breakfast ones that are a 10pk for $5.00 but quite often on special for $3.50, i like these because i find it easier to work out for carb counting as i tend to eat them in whole numbers rather than parts with the bigger ones!

  3. Did you know? You can turn any sausages into breakfast sausages, simply by eating them for breakfast!

  4. They are called breakfast sausages because they are small so therefore don't take so long to cook :) Other than that, they are much the same here in New Zealand.

  5. I think breakfast sausage has different herbs and flavors in it, sometimes sweeter, like with maple syrup. . But, certainly try the regular sausage if you want. I have never cared for "breakfast food". Give me a pizza or burrito any day!

  6. Good luck on Sunday. Hope you get lots of customers. Have a good weekend.


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