Monday, May 28, 2018


Here's a question for everyone who has to prick their finger(s) on a daily basis for blood sugar tests.

Do you have a favourite finger?

Cos I've come to realise that I do.

ABOVE:  It's this thumb!  I cringe with every single prick, but for some reason I find I choose this thumb 80% of the time.
Is that weird or normal?

It's starting to hurt too, yet I still stab it more than any other digit.

Hopefully after a month of taking tests twice a day I can stop. I have to see my Doctor again on/around 15th June, then we can go from there with a new plan.  I think by then she will be able to see I DON'T need to go on insulin cos my numbers are REALLY GOOD!

I'm in the NORMAL range all the time now, with a few HYPO'S thrown in for good measure.  I am almost expecting her to drop my medication, then I won't get the HYPO'S? 

SO, do you have a favourite digit?  And why?  Is it a conscious choice?

Today is Patchwork again.  I'm going.  Cos I like torturing myself!  I keep hoping it will be better, that I will enjoy myself there.  And there are a couple of ladies there that I feel might eventually become friends... there's a glimmer of hope.  *smiles*

When I'm there I do my little hexagons.  It's easy hand sewing, and doesn't involve lugging my big sewing machine out.   Most ladies only do hand sewing at the meetings for the same reason.  I haven't stitched many together yet!
But, there's no rush.

Right, I'm going ... gotta make a start on the day.


Well... clearly I'm not the only person who has a favourite digit to stab!  Good to know.

Patchwork today was OK.  First hour was a bit quiet, I had a few ladies say 'Hello', but that was about it.  Then I got chatting to a couple of ladies sitting next to me, so that was nice.

I only stayed 2 hours as I was starting to feel shaky... so came home and had some lunch.

Then I had a wander in the garden, planted some more little seedlings I'd grown and just enjoyed being outside for a little while.  The sun is out in full force, but it's very brisk out there.  A cool wind, temperatures and in the low teens.  LOVE IT!

 ABOVE:  Top left are the seedlings I grew and planted there, where the rhubard patch was.  My herbs are growing like weeds, I've got cauliflower and broccoli growing too!  

Also, our Tangelos are coming along nicely, and we are going to have a bumper crop of lemons later on too.

 ABOVE: I pulled out the the rhubarbs and threw them in the compost.  And the freaking things are growing again!  Seems they are meant to be!  Trouble is, how do you cook rhubarb without sugar???
I would love to make rhubarb pie... but how does that fit into a NO CARB/NO SUGAR DIET?

 ABOVE:  Our little Kowhai tree is finally emerging from the grasses!  It was being strangled for ages, but Stew has managed to rescue it and now... it's finally making it's presence known.

ABOVE:  I've got a crock pot of 90% veges, 10 % bacon hock cooking.  Stew and I will be having it as a soup for our lunches.  Something nice and warm on these cold winter days.

6.10 pm:  I've been sewing all afternoon... got another tree runner 80% done.

The family are having roast chicken for dinner.  I'm heading out in 10 minutes for a walk with the FBG's.
It's FREEZING outside, but not raining.  Frosty in fact.  Perfect for walking when you over heat like me!

My walk was excellent!   There was 12 of us walking tonight, a good number for a freezing winter's evening.

I quickly cooled down once home, so it was blankie on and feet up to watch some TV afterwards.

Don't ya feel great after a nice walk!  
Time to sign off for the day.  Catch you all tomorrow.


  1. I almost always go for my index finger on the side. Sometimes to mix it up ( why not?) I go for my middle finger. After years of testing my index finger is quite hard.
    Happy testing!!

  2. I only test 3 times a week but always use either of my middle fingers. I don’t think I have ever used my thumb, I may have to try it when I get up but after 5.5 years it is hard to change. I always do the ball of my fingers too not the side.

  3. When I was nursing we taught our patients to not use their thumbs or index fingers as they are more sensitive. Middle or ring fingers and slightly to the side of the pad is best and less ouchy. But I guess at the end of the day it's what works for you. The main thing is to switch it around so you don't end up with an overly sore thumb/finger and scarring.

  4. Middle finger, left hand. No pain at all there whereas ring finger and little finger hurt like heck after!!

  5. I use Naturals sweetener from the supermarket. It's twice as sweet as sugar so only use a smaller amount. I make fruit sponge and a crumble mixture, both low carb. There are tons of low carb recipes out there for using things like rhubarb :)

  6. Rhubarb can still be stewed etc - the secret to it tasting nice is to add any artificial sweeteners at the end of the cooking process - not at the beginning.

  7. I prick the side of my finger at the top that way It doesn't hurt when I'm typing or sewing. Pretty much painless too.

  8. I cook rhubarb using Diet Solo lemon soft drink instead of water and sugar.

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