Monday, May 14, 2018


Today my Mum turns 81, a grand age.  She's had some trouble with her back and hip lately, but luckily that's now behind her after having a medical procedure done last week.
Modern medical advances are amazing!

So happy she gets to enjoy doing what she loves again.  SHOPPING!  GARDENING! Moving around without pain.

I'm going to Patchwork today.  First time in months, and only the 2nd time this year.  I'm only going as a few of the ladies have seen me recently and asked me to come back. So I will go and see how it is, how it feels to be there?

Once I get home again, I'm going to catch up on some housework... it's been a bit neglected over the past week or so.

And that's about all I have for now... catch you later.


Finally starting to feel a bit better in the mornings!
As long as I have something to eat.
Hmmm.  Not finding that too difficult, just having an egg or slice of Burgen bread (whole grain) with some vegemite and cream cheese or peanut butter!  YUM.

Since we started this new 'diet', Stew has lost between 3-4 kilos!  He's looking good for it too.

I'm getting tempted to step on the scales myself now.  As I am going to see my own Dr tomorrow, maybe I will get weighed there?

Trying to remember though:

AND.... it must NOT dictate how my day goes, or how I feel about myself!  Far too often I've let the number on the scale ruin my day!  I don't want that to happen again, and again.

12.33 pm:  Home from patchwork, just had my lunch.  Salad and a couple of breakfast sausages.  

Patchwork.  Meh.  Nothings really changed.  A couple of ladies were chatty, the rest?  Not at all. I stayed for almost 2 hours then left.  Maybe I will feel a part of the group in 10-20 years?  By then half the group will have passed on!
Or, we will have left Cambridge?  Who knows with us.

Once I've relaxed for a little while I will get some housework done I suppose.  Just a normal day here!

Dinner tonight was pork steaks, wedges and veges.  With Gravy, cos Brylee could live on gravy.  *smiles*

Now... just chillin out watching TV, not doing any sewing for a while!   Got quite enough stock.


  1. That's good that you are feeling better in the morning!! Weight loss, while fantastic, is just one part of this but you know that of course. Get healthy and the rest will follow. I'm sure you have lost quite a bit of weight though and I'm glad you will be seeing your doctor to possibly get your medication adjusted if needed. Well done to Stew too! Both on the weight loss and HbA1c result. This is a measure of the last three months or so and the way his was so far down means that the next test (which will cover the entire time he's eaten lower carb) will be amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your results too.

  2. Sounds like that patchwork class is just not for you. There are plenty of other things you can do & have made good friends in other groups. Not worth going if you don't enjoy it.

    Glad you re starting to feel better in the mornings, it really is just a case of seeing what foods & timings work for you & your body, everyone is different. You guys are doing fantastically so far - keep up the good work :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Granny xoxo

  4. I think you should start your own little sewing bee :)

  5. Shame u didn't feel u fitted in at class it's tough when u made to feel that way. I'm going to a new card group tomorrow in Ashburton meet a few of the ladies at a chch class earlier in the year so hope I fit in. Well done Stew on wait loss but as u say the scale doesn't define who u r.

  6. Love that scale.What a beauty.. Sure doesnt show your determination and general fitness etc etc lol

    Dinners sounded lovely and your eating plan is going well for you both

    Laughed when you said about Brylee and gravy,, Got some teens in the family , who always call for it and some who love Watties tomato sauce smothering a pie or 2 ..

    Guess if we all liked the same food we would have to wait Longer to eat ..

    I am a huge avocado fan but not everyone likes them as much as me here, so least thats something I have full ownership of lol

    Sorry your sales werent good yesterday,, but you will probably find another outlet soon..


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