Thursday, May 10, 2018


Someone suggested I might be feeling revolting due to having 'KETO FLU'.

So I looked up the symptoms:

- headaches
- nausea
- upset stomach
- lack of mental clarity (brain fog)
- sleepiness
- fatigue

Well!   I think it's safe to say I have ALL OF THOSE symptoms!

And according to the literature, it can last from a few days to about a week.

Hmmm.  I've been doing this Very Low Carb/NO SUGAR 'diet' for exactly three weeks now, and I still feel like utter shit!

Sick as a dog.

So, I'm thinking,  it's a combination of the 'keto flu' and the bloody Metformin wrecking havoc with me.

Sounds plausible eh?  So, as I am totally over feeling sick, I'm going to see my doctor.  Maybe she can help 'tweak' things so I don't feel so sick?  I'm starting to think 'carb'/sugar' starvation might not be best for me?  OR maybe I'm now taking too much Metformin for how much I'm eating?

I'm NOT trying to find a way to eat 'normal' carbs again... but I am trying to find a balance where I am doing my diabetes good, but not making myself sick either.

There is nothing worse than feeling sick all day, every day.  No energy sucks too I might add.  I literally cannot do anything without feeling EXHAUSTED and DIZZY.

Today Denim and Marley get groomed again.  Coco's coat doesn't grow as fast as their's, so she doesn't need a trim today.

I hope to get a Dr's appointment today with OUR family doctor, if not  today, then maybe tomorrow.  

I want to get at least one more owl mobile made today too.  

And that's about 'it' for now.

Catch ya later.


Well.... the earliest I can see our Doctor is next Tuesday, so I'm going then.  Bit of a bugger, but oh well... what's a few more days.

ABOVE:  My breakfast!  Looks rather sad without some bacon, but if I even smell bacon right now I want to hurl!  I might buy some of those small breakfast sausages and have one of them instead of bacon for a while.

I'm killing time till I take the pups for their groom... just looked at me toe and the swelling has gone down considerably.  Yaaa.
Now I just have to sort out my energy levels and I can get back into walking with the FBG's.

As you know, Stew is also a diabetic (type 2)... like me.
So, he has been following the VLC/no sugar  regime, same as me.
And he had his latest blood test a couple of days ago.  He got a text from our Doctor this morning.

His Hba1c has gone from 68 DOWN to 58!  That is FANTASTIC and just so awesome!  I'm so proud of him.  And that means this way of eating is WORKING for our blood sugar levels.

My levels went from 56 to 71, then 75 to 90 over the past 2 years.  I am DYING to see what my level is in early JULY!!!

OMG I'm praying for a HUGE drop.

I've just been into Hamilton. Rush trip... just to get some winter tights from Farmers, they have a one day sale today, so I wanted to take advantage of it.  Only ended up getting one pair.  Cos, well,  I needed some mascara and eyeliner too... and they were not on sale.  Dammit.  But all good.  

Now home and I've got a dozen things I could be doing.  So I better get to it.

Hi Mum and Christina in Aussy... LOVE Ya!

4.20 pm:  And I've not got much done!  Had a visit from one of our FBG ladies, she brings me newspaper for our potential puppies in the future.

After that I was busy packing myself an overnight bag, cos I am heading back to Auckland in a couple of hours.

Can't say why, it's private for now.  Gimme a day or so and I will tell you.

For now, I've got dinner on for the family and trying to make sure I have everything I need for my little trip.

I might just sign off here, I doubt I will get a chance to update again today.


  1. Definitely go to your doctor. You had your metformin dose increased but then reduced your carbs to a very low level so clearly the higher metformin is not good now. Also, perhaps you've good too low carb? If you consider what you used to eat compared to now, that's one drastic change (for the better) but perhaps too much without medical supervision? Hopefully you'll find a good balance soon and feel better.

    On another note did you read that Coronation Street is being brought up to date in NZ? They will show a two hour special to fill you in on the last 18 months and then we'll be only a week behind UK. I'm already watching UK and I assume they know others are too so they are finally getting us all on the same page!!

  2. Next time fry up a couple of slices of tomato to add bulk to that egg x

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Maybe you could see another Dr today? and still keep the appointment with your Dr next week ?


  4. One more thing - you take Metformin and Omeprezole - both of these have a huge effect on vitamin B12 absorption. Check out the signs of B12 deficiency - taking a pill for this might not be enough. Another thought is are you on a statin for cholesterol? They also cause fatigue, muscle weakness, forgetfulness and loads of other symptoms. I'm just trying to help here... I do think you should see a doctor before Tuesday, you really can't mess around with diabetes.

  5. Great result for you both, Well done.
    Obviously you will have a big change in your results but it will be interesting to see the difference.

  6. Well done Stew!!!! I am sure your results will be just as positive too. Hopefully you can get the illness under control. I think Lynda is right, it is probably a case of adjusting your meds to cater for the new way of eating. I am sure it will be a bit of trial & error to get it just right (and hopefully in time, off it altogether).

  7. Maybe you should have a piece of toast with your egg in the morning. Try low carbs. And decrease your metformin. I think diet makes the biggest difference.

  8. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I was very low in B12 at one point a couple of years ago I took B12 tablets on the Drs advice and after 3 months I had a huge level. As Lynda also said a Drs review is the only advice to take re medications etc. All medications have a list of side effects that MAY be possible but most people usually don't have any side effects. When you have ANY uncontrolled health condition for a long time, extra care needs to be taken.

    Congratulations to Stew on his great results and both of you for trying so hard,


  9. Hope the trip is for nothing too serious. Drive carefully and maybe a quick update so we know you arrived safely.

  10. Travel safe and Catch up Monday .. Must be weekend for last minute travel,, cos we have the same in the morning

    take care and enjoyed the lovely owl pics and good news for Stew in results


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