Monday, May 07, 2018


So, I'm hunting around in the kitchen cupboards yesterday, trying to find something round, and the right size for a template for the eyes on my new project.

Finally found something, a baby's bottle!

So Stew saw me and must have given it some thought, cos the next thing I know he's given me this:

ABOVE:  He hardly ever uses it, so I get to have it/them in the sewing room, so I can easily find just the right size! 

Well ... clearly I was making 'something' with eyes!

Here it is:

  ABOVE:  I love it, it's just gorgeous!  I plan on making at least 2 more before next Sunday's market.  Probably one in pinks and one in blues.

Today, well once I've done a bit of housework, I will be working on those two next mobiles?  Whatever you want to call them... yep.

I had planned on going on a FBG walk tonight, but I will have to wait and see how my little toe feels, right now it's bloody sore!  And the energy levels are still non-existent.  Rather frustrating, but it is what it is.

I'd rather have no energy and LOW blood sugar levels right now. I have to prove I can control the diabetes long term with diet and exercise or face needles for the rest of my life.

Once I've proven it is under control, I can introduce SOME carbs back into my diet.  And maybe even the odd piece of cake, like on a birthday?  Time will tell on that.  For now, it's on with what I'm doing.


The toe next to it has some bruising too.  I did it good!  

Slow start here this morning... well for me.  I'm loving not having to rush out the door for the school run!  It's just so nice to slowly get things done, though it has taken me ages to get used to not having to rush!

OH!  The above owl mobile?  Already sold!!!

ABOVE:  Another birthday in the family!  Russell's little girl Sienna turns 7 today.  We hope she has an awesome day.

ABOVE: Meanwhile... that's Russell and his dog Mika, hanging out together!  Rather cute.

Just finished another owl, now I have to find the right twig, and add two hearts under it.  But, my eyes need a break from close work... I'm seeing all fuzzy.  Tired eyes.

ABOVE:  Today's effort.  Another owl mobile.  Dare I say it?  I love it!  I love almost everything I make, let's be real.  If I didn't, I wouldn't show it.

OK... so usual evening.  I made a chicken casserole for dinner, accompanied by vegetables.   It was OK, but not my best effort.  Kinda tasteless.

Been sewing most of the evening.  Started another owl.  Show you tomorrow.

Off to bed soon.


  1. The owl is very cool, I hope it is a seller! We have Giggle and Hoot on TV over here for kids, hosted by Jimmy Giggle but he has quite a few owl pals. I don't know if that's why but Ramona is fascinated by them.

    You are such an inspiration over your blood sugar levels. I am seriously impressed, and so glad you and Stew have found a way to take control.

    Hope you have a great day xxx

  2. AWW the owl is adorable Such a neat Idea. Love the fact that you scored a new "Tool" for the craft/sewing room . Those wee Saw Kits have a 101 uses lol

    Stew is gr8 for coming up with a plan B for you as well

    Have a gr8 day your enthusiasm and work on your diabetes scores are awesome

    Well done to you and your team effort there at home .


  3. Of course you can have cake sometimes :) It's cake and sugar etc all the time that is the issue. Don't forget the masses of low carb cake and muffin recipes out there too - they really are very good! I don't think they are great for everyday eating but you need your treats too so don't make this harder than it needs to be.

  4. Wendy (UK)10:46 AM

    If your toe is really painful and you are struggling to walk then it might be broken.I have lost count on the number of times I have stubbed my toes and they have broken and they looked just like yours do.I used to think I was the only one that ended up with broken toes just by stubbing them whereas most people stub theirs and they don’t even bruise.I found out some years later that I am Vitamin D3 deficient so had to go on tablets to bring my levels back up.Being blonde (very fair) I used to burn in the sun so in the end put on lots of high factor sun screen and covered up as well so I didn’t even tan.Hope you heal soon and I can sympathise with how you feel and well done in making a start on getting good numbers with your finger prick tests.Wendy (UK)

  5. I broke my toe this time last year and it looked exactly like yours does.... but if it's broken, there is nothing really they can do! It could take about 3 months to feel better and mine completely healed after 9 months!!! --- although it was my big toe, so I guess it took longer.... Christy xxx

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Love the owl!!! You poor toe! If it makes you feel slightly better, I opened the car door Friday night & smashed it into my forehead resulting in a big bump, a 25mm cut & blood!!!!!! It's still tender to touch & gave me a right headache Friday night!

  7. I broke my little toe and it looked like that.... twenty years ago or so and still hurts. Paige broke her little toe in the holidays and it's the same too.... so painful but nothing they can do.

  8. Ohhhh I love that owl hearts or owl hearts or owl the decisions..... that toe looks very sore...

  9. Those owl mobiles are gorgeous! As for the cake, you may just find that you lose the desire for it - and when you have a piece you find it too sweet. But you have to live, and if a piece of cake on someones birthday is what you want, then have it! x

  10. The owls are awesome. I think you’d be on a winner there for people decorating nurseries or kids rooms, or just those after cute decorations for their house. Oxfam shop sold little quilted chickens and birds hanging on a rope (I think there were around five or six to a rope) which I bought as gifts for friends. You could google something like that too.

  11. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Loooooove the Owls!!!!!

  12. OMG those owls are so cute!


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