Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Today is my first day on Gliclazide, so hopefully I have no side effects!
Though the most likely side effects are hot flushes, dizziness and fatigue... and come on!  I already have all of those.

But there is one I do have to watch out for, and that is having a 'hypo'.  I doubt I've ever had one of those!  A 'hypo' is when your blood sugar level drops too low.  So that's why I have to take a prick test morning and night for the next month, to keep an eye on how my body adjusts to the Gliclazide.

I am going to sort out a diary this morning, one that I can record my readings in and also any reactions to certain foods.

I want to do a before and after reading for certain foods, like bananas!   The last time I had a banana my sugar levels went really high!  So, pretty sure I can't eat them without having to counterbalance them with more medication.  Probably not worth even bothering eating one, which is a shame as a nice, not quite ripe banana is one of my favourite fruits.

But, it's going to be interesting, not fun cos I still have to prick myself, but good to see what foods make my levels go up!

At cards last night, our hostess gave me a slice of a loaf she made out of a Ketogenic cook book.  It had lots of seeds and nuts in it, and almond flour and eggs.  Don't know what else, but I'm going to make it and use it instead of the Burgen bread for my breakfast.  It was really nice with peanut butter!  lol

So what am I getting up to today?  I think I will try going for a short walk.  I need to build up my fitness again.  The longer I put it off the harder it's going to be.  I don't think I'm up to walking with the FBG's yet, most walks are between 5 to 6 kms.  Just know I can't do that yet.

And of course, there's the utterly riveting housework to do.  Don't envy me now will ya?

Right, I'm going to go do that pesky blood test, pricky thing, then have breakfast.


11 am:  And a good start to the day!
My pre-breakfast reading was 7.5, so perfectly 'normal'.  
After breakfast I went into town and got a column book to do my recording in, then down to Mitre 10 where I got a couple more pavers for down the side of the house and a length of garden hose and attachments so I can extend the length of our existing garden hose.

Not that we actually need to use the hose right now!  It's been pretty wet the past few days, and today looks to be no exception.

I have decided to book myself onto a FBG walk this evening, as it's being led by a lady I know well, and she does not go fast at all.  Perfect for me right now.  If I find it's too far I will just turn around and go back to my car early.
I'd rather do that than go walkies on my own, it's so BORING and depressing.  

WELL! That was unexpected.

I just had my first HYPOGLYCEMIC episode. 

I came over all hot and thought it was just a hot flush, but nope.  Then I started shaking and felt all dizzy and weak... so I took my blood reading, it was 3.5.  Clearly too low for me!

So I had something to eat and am now waiting to feel better.  Maybe I will only take half a Gliclazide tomorrow morning!  

Well thankfully it didn't take too long to start feeling better.
I will certainly only be taking half a pill tomorrow morning.  It's obviously going to take a few days to get the dosage right for me, but that's OK.

Not sure if tonight's walk is going ahead, we are down on numbers and are not 'allowed' to proceed without the right number of walkers.  Such a pain.  Now that I've made up my mind to walk, I want to do it!

Well... at the 11th hour, the walk has been confirmed as a goer.  Talk about frustrating, not knowing till 35 minutes before hand.  Grrrrr.   I won't be putting my name down for any more, unless they already have the numbers that's for sure!

Well...the walk went well.  One of our walkers didn't turn up, so I'm not sure if it will be recorded as an 'official' FBG walk or not.  I will be a bit cross if it's not. 
Though, I was really pleased to actually get a walk under my belt!  I felt good during and after, so that was good after this morning's hypo.

Coronation Street is on shortly, so I will be signing off for the night.


  1. I took gliclazide for a while as well. The only side effects I had were low blood sugar (very low, like 3.0) in the afternoons if I didn't eat enough for lunch. I took it in the mornings. I eventually went off it once I got my diet better and started walking more. I think it will help you a lot :)

  2. I'm on glilazide, 80 mg in the morning and a further 40mg at night. The only side effect I have is constipation. My sugar levels to my knowledge have never dropped too low but if I go to the low 5's I do get a headache. I hope you get on well with them.
    I also take Metformin 3x750mg. Benn type 2 15 yrs.

  3. You are basically on a ketogenic diet now - did you tell the doctor how low you are eating carbs? I can't understand why that was prescribed when you are doing so well with diet. Be careful - most people who would be given that pill will be eating bread and carbs at every meal.

  4. Yikes, make sure you keep something in your handbag in case you have another hypo. It will take some time to get your meds & food & exercise all sorted but once it is, you will feel amazing I am sure.

  5. it's really amazing what positive changes you've made so quickly..... Christy xxx

  6. I am glad you knew what a "hypo" was and how to deal with it. Scary stuff.

  7. Thoughts are with you from the other side of the ditch (not for ever tho lol)

    It is all trial and error and diary and blogging on here gives you extra support from ones who are diabetic as well .
    Do what you can, when you can and dont beat yourself up if you dont fully get it all right every time.

    You have come a long way in a short time so you and Stew and family can all help each other.

    BTW looked back a few years on here cos only read your blog in last few months,, and saw Brylee and Griffin as wee ones

    and they have now grown in to lovely caring Teenagers .. Doesnt take long for our Grandies nowadays,, to grow taller than us ..

    Must be something in the air me thinks lol

    Take care


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