Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Last night I took my blood reading... and got a reading that said 'Lo'.
Hmmmm, weird.  I had to go back to the book that came with the tester to see what that meant.

It meant my blood sugar level was so low it couldn't read it?

Nah, that had to be a mistake, I didn't feel like I was in a HYPO state, so I re-took the test.

PHEW!   It was 4.8, which is fairly low, but not too low.  Even Stew was a bit concerned to begin with, but all good.

That was an excellent night reading as far as I was concerned.  So NORMAL.  Maybe a tiny bit low, but not bad.  3.5 put me into a HYPO, not 4.8.

These twice readings are great fact finding tools.  I am slowly starting to work out what I can eat, how much I can eat and what affects my levels.  It's great!

Is it BAD though that I am already dreaming of what EVIL EVIL piece of cake I eat straight after my July blood test?  Just ONE piece of SOMETHING... then I will be right back into it again.  OMG I know what it will be too!
A piece of Fran's Custard Slice.  *drooling*

I won't be falling off the wagon, don't worry!  It will be one little 'reward' after working hard for three months solid.  I promise.  *smiles*

Today I am going to start on another Christmas table runner.  I've been asked to make one by one of our FBG ladies... so that's what I will be doing today.


We had a big thunder & lightening storm overnight here... and all over the country by the sound of it.  I got up and took the kids to school as it's really wet and miserable.

And now I'm freezing!  First time I've felt really cold in the house this year.  Brrrrr.

There was a walk on this morning, and I had half entertained the idea of attending, but it's been cancelled due to the rain.  Not surprised, it really is yuk out there today.

So, I'm off to the sewing room...

11.30 am:  I get into the sewing room and quickly realise that I need more white and red fabric, so I go into Spotlight in Hamilton.


I find what I want, plus some silky organza type fabric for the sash for Brylee's Prom Dress.

I go up to the fabric counter, and say "Good Morning" to the lady about to serve me, and give her a nice smile.
NO RESPONSE.  Nothing, just a dead pan look.

I ask for 1.5 metres of the organza.  She rolls it out.  There's 1.7 metres on the roll left.  So ... she lays it out and proceeds to cut 1.5 metres... ONLY... she's laid it out crooked... so this is what happens:

ABOVE:  REALLY?  She goes to fold it up and I hold it out, and show her what she's done!   So she goes off to find another roll.... while I stand there and wait, and wait, and wait.
*sigh*, she finally finds another roll, cuts off 1.5 metres and folds it up, THEN asks me if I want to check it's straight???

As I watched her do it properly, I just said 

"No, that's OK, I watched you do it right this time".


I fucking hate that store.  Getting good service, and a bloody smile in there is like pulling teeth!

If Manukau was closer I'd just go there, the two stores are SO DIFFERENT in every way.  I hate that I have to use the Hamilton Spotlight.

I'm NOW going to start a runner...

ABOVE:  Making good progress on the first runner.  I've got to do applique' stitch all around those little holly leaves yet, and stitch the red buttons on... I went with buttons for this one as to applique around tiny little red dots would have been a pain in the arse.

Griffin just gave me one of his Bluetooth speakers, so now I can play the music on my YouTube via my phone, in my sewing room.  It's great!  

Stupid weather!  It's now a beautiful day out there.  Griffin is home early as it's a half day at the school.  Brylee stayed on as she has drama practise after school till 6 pm.  Long day for her.

What do ya do if you stab your finger with a pin in the sewing room?

Ya immediately test ya bloody eh?  lol
5.6 ... PERFECT.  

Ahh AUDREY:  You are a funny girl!  Picturing Stew in Spotlight trying to find the right shade of RED fabric for me is like saying to him:  'Please go to Farmers and get me a new bra would ya?"  Too funny.  Never gunna happen.  Unless it's something EASY like batting, and even then he would probably get the wrong stuff.  *smile*

Moving on... just got 20 buttons to hand sew on the runner, then the binding to sew on,  then hand stitch down, and I will have that runner finished.  Probably tomorrow.

Brrrr, it's getting cold, heading off to bed!
Heck, I might even turn my electric blanket on... if it still works.


  1. One piece of something will not kill you, it is when we have lots of just one piece of something all the time that is a problem. You may even find that when you have the cake, you do not enjoy it as your tastes are changing & getting used to not having carbs & sugars.

    Isn't this weather awful!!

  2. She should have just given you the rest of the roll!
    So pleased you are having such success! I can't wait to see how much weight falls off you and what your readings are!

  3. I agree with Tracy - one piece will not affect your overall HbA1c... the only danger is one piece becoming two and three. There really is no reason why you can't treat yourself occasionally as it might make it easier to stick to this long term. My one main treat is fish and chips (not often) but I'm never giving that up!! It would be interesting to see how a slice of cake affects your blood sugar, consider it in the interest of science :)

    Spotlight.. I go to the Sylvia Park one and they seem friendly there but do you remember back to the days of fabric stores everywhere? When we all made our own clothes and there was so much choice for buying material etc. Thankfully I have the local sewing machine store for emergency thread etc but it's harder to find shops that stock that kind of thing.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Hi your blood sugar levels are going well, a combination of the tablets and your new way of eating really paying off..good on you !


  5. check out spotify for your music... its great!

  6. Lovely table runner Chris. Your Spotlight service was NOT good -have to say the staff at the Manukau store are so lovely and helpful. Brilliant work with your blood sugars, keep up the good work you are doing and there definitely won't be need for insulin injections.

  7. Anonymous4:27 PM

    There is a Spotlight in Rotorua. Maybe Stew could pick up what you need when he is in Rotorua for the day. Not as far as Manukau. Audrey

  8. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Just trying to be helpful! What I was thinking was that you could go to the Spotlight you normally go to and find what you are looking for and then ring the Spotlight in Rotorua and having it waiting for Stew. Just a thought. You could even do that with a bra if you wrote down exactly what you want! Audrey

  9. I'm glad the gals at the Joann's by me are pretty friendly although they don't seem to be very knowledgeable about sewing


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