Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Today should be a quiet one.

I'm thinking of going on a FBG walk tonight, it will be my first 'official' Urban Challenge walk of the year if I do go.
I'm just not feeling like walking though!  There is no way I am going to push myself to finish the challenge this year, that's for sure.
And this year, you don't HAVE to finish it either.

That takes the pressure off.

Hearts... there will be some more made today.  I am going to have a hunt around and see if I actually have any calico.  Some in the neutral tones would be nice as a contrast to the pretty ones.  It's just so much fun coming up with the combinations.

ALARM:  I've had to set THREE for each day!  So I can remember to take my Metformin.  It's a habit I simply have not been able to form yet.
I was only just remembering to take the bloody things after dinner, and that was after what? 8 years! 
So, now I will get alarmed by my phone.  It's a good thing I suppose.  *smiles*

At least the food side of 'it' is getting easier.  I no longer crave sweet things (so weird!), and am starting to get portions under control too.  Still not had ANY CARBS except what is in 'natural' foods!

I got rudely woken up the other night cos I was having a dream!  The dream?   I was about to tuck into a HUGE cake that was lathered in icing!  IT WOKE ME UP!  I swear I was drooling in my sleep.

I wonder if I will ever be able to have a piece of cake again?  Maybe just once in a blue moon?  BUT NOT YET!
Not till I prove I can control my blood sugar levels, get them down and keep them down.

For once I am really, really looking forward to my next blood tests!  (9th of July in case I forget lol)

Right, for now.... I'm going to make the bed, tidy the house then go down town to pay more of me bloody dental bill!  Nearly finished paying for it.

Oh... did I mention I've now got TWO more teeth that are bothering me?  Yep.  Both are either side of one of the teeth that was given a root canal a couple of months ago!  They were just FINE before that tooth was 'fixed'.  I'm too scared to ask for them to be 'seen'.... mostly now due to the cost!  

Maybe I will mention it when I am down there... cos I reckon they have been affected by the other tooth's treatment?


OK.  It's 1.15 pm and I've done bugger all !  Made a heart.  Had breakfast and lunch and feel right ill for some reason.  So, have taken an anti-nausea pill and trying to keep still cos I feel like throwing up.
Grrrrr.   Keep getting hot flushes... bound to be cos I'm feeling so yuk and stressed.

6.31 pm:  Well apart from sitting on me bum feeling ill... I've actually been busy.  I set up a selling page on Facebook with help from a FBG girlfriend who popped around this afternoon.  is where I am at, selling all me fabric stuff.

It took me a while to load photos, set it up and so on.  Might not sell a thing that way, but it's worth a try.

I also listed and sold our little freezer on Trademe today ... so there goes my dental bill!  Really chuffed about that.

Stew got home just now, walked in and sniffed.  NO DINNER SMELLS.... cos I didn't cook!
Just. Could. Not. Be. Bothered... still feeling bloody ikk.  So he's gone down to the supermarket to get something.  Poor man, I'm useless sometimes.

We all ended up having roast chicken with salads.  Now?  Watching Coronation Street, then going to bed EARLY.  Feeling sick again.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM


    I am going to the dentist myself today, I don't worry too much about it but today I just feel so tired. You can ask for them to x-ray the area to make sure there is no abscess beneath any of the teeth. Best to make sure.


  2. Sadly sometime dental work can upset near by teeth but it could also be them just settling down after the other tooth was worked on never had root canal work and never likely too either but I would think it would mean a little bit of disturbance in near by teeth. While I'm writing this my teeth a clenched SHUT.

  3. If you really need a cake fix, here's one the whole family will like and they won't even know it's low carb. I make this for friends and everyone likes it. I use Naturals sweetener from the supermarket. It's double strength so even though it's a small packet (for around $8) it lasts for ages.


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