Sunday, May 27, 2018


First up, a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Bex picked up a late birthday present from a friend, for Archer yesterday.  Dante already has one, and Keera will be getting one for her birthday in July.  

 ABOVE:  Who remembers getting a ride on their Dad/Granddads's foot?  Watching Dante and Stew yesterday brought back some very happy memories of me and my Granddad.

 ABOVE:  Little imp ... our Keera!  

 ABOVE:  Quite an armful!  Steve took 'a few' photos of the children and me.  I had to delete about 30 of them cos he was moving too much and made blurry photos! 

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOSHUA*, our 2nd born grandchild.  He is 17 today, my gosh, they are all growing up so quickly!

Because I talked Stew out of mowing the lawns yesterday, I presume he will try and get them done today.  So, hoping for SUNSHINE, NOT RAIN!

I'm going to do some sewing all going well.


I've been 'up' since about 5 am with nausea.  Not sure why.  I thought it might be a HYPO again (I had one of those yesterday), but nope, it wasn't that.
Horrible feeling like ya going to throw up, but instead you just feel like it for hours!  Ikkk.
I ended up spending my time from 5 am till 9 am in the lounge on my chair.

Feeling a lot better now though, so hopefully it was just a weird blimp in my day.

Well... I did a bit of sewing, then took myself off to the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Hamilton.
Basically a total waste of time... there wasn't much there to interest me.

I did run into one of my Uncles though:

ABOVE:  My uncle and his wife selling women's handbags. He is the last person I can imagine selling handbags!  It was lovely to run into them.

I did buy one thing, but as it's for a Christmas Present, I can't show it.

Home now... might continue sewing for a while longer.  It's bloody cold again today.

I've now got two Tree Runners and one Christmas Runner ready for binding.  Might only make one or two more then switch to something else.  Maybe Christmas placemats or mug rugs.  

Quiet evening, not sewing now.  Rather tired after such an early start to the day.  I'm hoping I get a good night's sleep tonight.


  1. OMG, Gold star for Stew for effort but you gotta take those green scrubber thingy's back!! Good try Stew but... nup! You'll never be happy with them.

  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I’ve suffered from nausea for years recently a friend told me her pain doctor recommended phenergan 25mg, it has worked for me when the prescription anti nausea hasn’t. I always feel funny about recommending medication, this has worked really well for me but might not for you. Jo

  3. Hi Chris, my email address is: (PS: adorable pictures!!!) Christy xxxx

    1. Thanks... will send you some fabric sample photos tonight.

  4. I used to do that with my uncle lol


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