Thursday, May 24, 2018


OK... it had to happen!

After bitching and moaning about being too hot for the entire months of Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar and April... I'm finally COLD!

I know I said it would be awesome to be cold instead of hot, but I actually really don't like the extremes of temperature.

Stew found some of my old sweatshirts last night, after I said I needed some and might go buy a couple.  I had forgotten I had them up in our wardrobe, so I shall be trying them on later on today.

Just my luck they won't fit... but we will see.

I am going to finish off that Christmas runner this morning all going well, then start on another one ... might do something different on the outer border ... trees?  Little boxes? 

After I've finished the 2nd current Christmas Runners, I am going to do these two:

ABOVE:  If I don't sell them, they will make lovely Christmas presents.

And that is about all I have for now... catch you later.


DAWN AND MARGARET:  I have not made either of the two runners above, I got those photos of Pinterest!  I shall be making them though.... *smiles*

ABOVE:  See? I am already planning the tree one!  As I am planning on doing about 4 runners, I'm going to wait and do the binding of all four in one hit.  So, I've got one ready for binding (R), one in progress (L),  and one in the planning process (M).  

As I'm quite excited about the tree one, I might work on that one today. *smiles*

12.30 pm:  And OMG!  I have just spent TWO HOURS cutting out trees and trying to arrange them in a pleasing way.  You would not believe how difficult it is!

1.10 pm:  And the layout is finished.  My back is killing me, but I'm happy with my trees:

ABOVE: Now 'all' I have to do it lay it on batting, pin all those trees/trunks down and applique' around them all.  Easy peasy, said no one in particular at all. lol

Time to sit and have some lunch and watch last night's Home and Away!

Last minute decision to join a FBG walk tonight, got ready, and took off.  Oops, forgot my torch so went back home to get it.
Inside, and I can hear my computer pinging on and on ... so quickly check it.  The bloody walk is cancelled because it's been raining, and 'they' don't want to get wet!  So, with only 10 minutes till it's due to start, it's friggin cancelled!

FARK... not happy!  Then I get a message from one lady who still wants to walk, so I agree to meet her... and off I go again.

We met up and had a very enjoyable walk in the pitch black night... and I might add, it didn't bloody rain at all!  We could see stars in the sky!  I'd not even met this lady before, she's new to the FGB's.  So that was nice to meet someone new.

After our walk, I popped into a friend's to see her, she's been suffering for days with food poisoning and a diverticulitis flare up.  Her house was like an oven after my walk! 

So, now I'm home, cooling down and ready to relax for a little while.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Oh my goodness, but your Christmas runners are beautiful~ I especially love the last two; the trees and the ones with diagonals in deep green / dark red. They are LOVELY. What beautiful work you do.
    Dawn Pinnataro Albany, Georgia USA

  2. I love the Christmas tree one!

  3. I want the Christmas tree one !!!!!

  4. I just love that Christmas tree one too!

  5. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Wow !! that runner is beautiful...


  6. Loving your Christmas Tree runner. The variety of fabrics you've used gives it alot of interest.

  7. Can I put an order for a Christmas tree one please Chris? If it can have some gold in it that would be awesome as the rest of my table stuff is gold & red ☺ Can you message me your price for it?

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Love the table runners.
    You didn’t get much notice of the cancellation of the walk 🤬 but at least you got to do it with a new member.

  9. That Xmas tree runner is stunning. And you seem to pull them together so quickly! Have you looked at Etsy as a possible place to list and sell your work?

  10. God that's annoying they cancel walks like that. Why not just have them and see who shows up!

  11. I am glad that walk worked out after all. I really like the tree runner a lot.

  12. Few good on you for persevering, I'm enjoying brilliant sunshine over in Aussie all week not looking forward ti arriving home! Love the table runners


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