Sunday, May 06, 2018


Our visitors, Martyn and Jacqui have just returned from a trip to the USA, which included a cruise around Hawaii.

They were standing on that erupting volcano just a week ago!!!!  Scary.

Anyway, Jacqui brought home some rather pretty fabric for me:

ABOVE:  So now I have to think about what to do with them!  

Thanks guys.

NEXT:  a very cute video of the kids and the dogs:

Well... today?  No plans at this stage.  That's all I have for now.
Catch you later.


12.10 pm:  house is quiet again.  Visitors gone.  Kids doing their own thing, Stew reading a magazine and me?  About to do some sewing.

I have pretty much all I need for the next market really, but there's a couple of things I would like to make to add to my selection.

Thanks for the doorstop suggestion Heather (via email)... but I don't want to make anything that is heavy to transport... and I've seen several stalls already selling them, so no point being just another one.

Right, off to make something!

But first, cos I was feeling exhausted, I had a nap.  Didn't help much.

Then as I walked behind Stew in the kitchen I managed to snag my little toe on his shoe and OMG!  Painful.
Got a swollen toe now, some bruising starting to come out.  

I did manage to make ONE little thing this evening, but won't show you tonight at it's not finished.  But, it IS cute!  *smiles*

Time to sign off... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I thought about you yesterday when I bought a scorching cup of coffee. Maybe you could make something to set the cup in . I had one that they give you in Starbucks in usa. It was a band of cardboard but you could make it with pretty material .... hope you know what i mean😍

  2. Some years ago I was lucky to win a give away from you and in it was a casserole holder thing. Could you make some more of them to go with the soup holder theme?

  3. well, I have another sewing project suggestion..... the other day I made a horrendous version of a make-up brush roll using an old hand-towel, but I know you could do much better. I took a hand-towel, turned the bottom short edge up to create a pouch, sewed down each side and then sewed the pouch at about 1.5 inch intervals to keep the brushes secure. I realised I have some shorter brushes (and sponges etc) so I cut the flap in a diagonal way to make the end "brush spaces" shorter... then I sewed ribbon onto one side (one piece about 3 times longer than the other) so you can roller it and tie it up. When I travel I always end up having grubby, loose brushes making my bag and luggage messy, so I'm delighted to have this home-made version, but if you had pretty fabric and ribbon they would probably be easy to make and sell very well!!!!! Christy xxxx PS: I'd buy one in pink!!!!

  4. Oh yes ... love sparklingmerlot's idea ... I had one of those years ago that I bought from Elmon. Was so useful and meant that contents of my casserole dish were both kept warm and stopped from slopping everywhere (because it kept the lid secure) on transit to potluck dinners etc. I love the fabric you received - very pretty and colourful! (Oh, just googled casserole carriers for a picture - and you made them back in 2009/2010 ...

  5. what a busy but happy and varied weekend you have all Had Chris Stew and Family

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics on here.

    Just love what Jacqui bought back for you,, esp the frangipani on the purple

    Like you I love purple,, there is so much you can add to it..Mauves and pinks come a close 2nd lol

    . I am sure you will come up with some treasures,, from all the different fabric

    Love the many and varied ideas you and your friends who comment on here come up with..


  6. Oh my I love those frangipani fabrics... the volcano pics from Hawaii very scary indeed.

  7. The fabrics from Hawaii are beautiful. I love the hearts that you made. What about smaller hearts as a garland? On some sort of fancy rope or string, they could drape across the top of a window. Or, one large heart with smaller ones coming down vertically (getting smaller as they go down). As a teacher, I am always looking for things to hang in my classroom that I can use from year to year. You are so creative. I wish that I could pop by your next craft show. Unfortunately there's quite a bit of water in the way! I continue to enjoy your honesty, humor and tenacity. You are the only blog I follow on a regular basis. Thanks for brightening my day. :))


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