Saturday, December 02, 2017


Why oh why didn't I switch to this programme sooner?

It's bloody amazing!

Tracking is so much easier, all food is given a value (which I like) and it's so simple to plan/track and print your day out. 

Today's menu was planned out last night, and printed out too.

ABOVE:  Most days I will track as I go, and print it out at the end of the day.  I will keep them in my 'tracker' book for a record of my days.

I love that it is so simple to use... it must be cos I can do it!  lol

You may notice that I have added a WW's Chocolate Pretzel snack bar.  As I recently bought TEN  boxes of the freakin' things, I will be having one every other day as a treat.  I doubt that much sugar will affect my diabetes?

And I'm not cutting out all carbs, so today I have two slices of burgen bread... it's a 'good' option if one is having bread I think.

Totally within my self inflicted 1,300 - 1,400 calorie limit.

Something else I am instigating... NO eating before 11 am or AFTER 8 pm.  It's called intermittent fasting  I have been doing something like it for YEARS anyway, as I virtually never have breakfast.

The only change is that I won't be eating after 8 pm.  

Does anyone else do something like this?  Thoughts?

Today we are expecting Bex back around lunchtime.  Hopefully she does not have a mega hangover!
If she does, I suppose she can retreat to our room, close the door and sleep some more, lol.

She's staying the night before going home tomorrow.

We have no definite plans for today really... just taking it as it comes.

ABOVE:  Scrolling through music videos on YouTube last night, I came across this one... I fell in love with it and wanted to share.  Turn the volume UP, it's worth it.  *smiles*


So Bex turned up mid-morning... not hung over, but tired.  

We have had a very leisurely morning, just watching the kids and puppies play.

I could be doing all sorts of productive things, but seriously?  Nah.

Might get into the sewing room this afternoon.

ABOVE:  Bex looking ever so enthusiastic ... even her bunny ears are drooping.  lol

We had a massive downpour at around 7 pm tonight, so I decided it would be an excellent night for a walk.  It will be so much cooler later on.
I'm dragging Brylee  and Bex out with me too.  I didn't even have to twist their arms!

After that.... it will be a quiet evening, before bed.


  1. I wasn't silly I'm pretty good can't wait to see the kids xx I couldn't even sleep in but was nice not getting jumped on. 😂😂

  2. Loved the video.
    Good job on the menus.

  3. I do the 16/8 intermittent fasting most days....I don't eat till after 12 and never after 8pm. Been following that as part of my 5:2 diet.

  4. Intermittent fasting is what I do nearly every day. For so long we were told that we must eat breakfast - guess what... you don't have to!! Eating in a window of approx 7 or 8 hours is so good for us. Can you imagine back in the caveman days that they regularly had three meals a day? We are designed to go without and fast.

    About printing out your daily meals, don't forget that MyfitnessPal will keep every day so no need to print them out unless you really do want a hard copy. So many people have success with that program and it's free. I love that you can count carbs or fat or protein, anything you want. You can set up on your settings what and how much you want to track (but I'm sure you have figured that out already.)

  5. One more point (or two...hehe) Will you really eat one whole cup of peas??? That's A LOT of peas. If you only have half a cup you put in .5 or whatever. The other point is 175 grams of carb is a massive amount. Perhaps try to keep it to under 100g?? That's still not low carb (25g is very low carb and approx 50g is low carb).

  6. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Dr Michael Moseley '5:2 Diet', Fast Diet and Dr Jason Fung's work - all use IF. :)
    This is a great watch about IF. I really believe it along with LCHF is the key to reversing T2D and obesity.

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    FWIW, IF is not recommended for anyone who has any kind of eating disorder, or a history of problems with food/eating, a difficult relationship with food.

    1. Really? It's one of the recommended treatments for diabetes. Look at the Jason Fung video Cranky just recommended. One of the biggest myths we've been fed is to eat three meals a day. I've not had three meals a day now for over six years and my blood sugar and weight has never been more stable.

    2. I think anonymous was referring to people with anorexia / bulimia etc, not diabetes. IF and lchf are great for pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In fact it would probably benefit those with type 3 diabetes - Alzheimers.

    3. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Absolute horseshit, Anon. Fasting and LCHF takes away your cravings. Sure, it can be emotionally tough but so is being fat! Cranky

    4. It might be horseshit from a craving point of view Cranky, but everyone needs to work out what works for them. If you had a history of starving yourself at different times, or a history of creeping anxiety about consuming even small amounts of calories, you might not find it useful to consider an approach which encourages you to have periods of time where you can't eat. From what I know of Chris this isn't relevant to her, but that doesn't mean that some people don't need to be careful about how they approach their personal relationship with food. It might not be relevant to everyone but it is still a valid point!

  8. I do IF. Generally don't eat before about 1-2pm and rarely after 8pm. Only eat two meals a day, sometimes only one, if I'm not hungry.I find when I eat breakfast, even a low carb one, I'm hungry again within a couple of hours, whereas if I don't eat it, I don't think about food. Now if only I could give up the wine!!!

  9. Glad you are loving MFP!!!!

  10. Yes what works for one may not be suitable for others glad you found your mojo again.


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