Saturday, December 09, 2017


Well, I don't know quite why, but I feel really happy today.
Actually, I was really happy yesterday too.

I think getting my 'faux fireplace' in the lounge is making me rather happy.... it's been something I've been thinking about for bloody ages, and to finally act on it, and have it coming to fruition so fast is awesome.

ABOVE:  The only thing I'm not enjoying... paint all over my hands.  It's so drying, and feels yuk.  I hope the painting phase is over for today at least.  We are adding 'something' else to the 'fireplace', probably tomorrow, that will need painting.  So better not put away the paint just yet.

Having the Sue's call in yesterday was just so neat!  I don't get many visitors, so them popping in was special.

I took a tiny video of them on me floor:

ABOVE: How cute are they?  I really like those crazy tarts.

Today, well this afternoon, we are going to Stew's work Christmas function.
Something different for a change too.
We are starting in the afternoon with a Scavenger Hunt, finding 'clues' scattered all over Hamilton in teams, then after that we are doing drinks somewhere in Hamilton East before going somewhere else for dinner.

It all sounds like fun.  Might have to wear comfy shoes ... what am I saying?  I always wear comfy shoes!  I've never been a high heel type of girl anyway.

So this morning will be spent doing some housework I suppose.  Stew wants to get the lawns mown... they are growing so fast right now, I swear Stew only just finishes doing them and the clover flowers appear again the next day!

I thought our agapantha's were not going to flower this year after we cut them down quite severely months ago... but no.  All of a sudden we have really tall flowers appearing!  I haven't taken a photo yet as the flowers have not burst out enough yet.  I love that they are BLUE.  *smiles*  Our hydrangeas are all flowering too... blues and whites.  So pretty.

AND that fig tree out the front that we chopped down?  

GROWING again.

We have decided to let it grow for now and see how it goes.

And that's all for now... catch ya later.  Have a lovely day.


I got up with Keera before 7.30, then had to wait till 10.30 before Stew was up and fed before we could go down to Mitre 10 to get the screws and wall fixings etc for the fire surround.

It was painful watching him eat his breakfast and drink his TWO cups of tea!  I wanted to throttle him.. and he knew it!

But in jest... we did finally get everything we needed and the fireplace is almost attached to the wall!  We still have to make the extra 'something'... but that has to wait till tomorrow.

Soon we have to start getting ready to go out.

Right now I've got hair dripping down my back... Brylee is going to dry it and straighten it for me.  Then it will be 'put the face on' time.

10.01 pm:  And we are home after having a very enjoyable time.  I think everyone had a good time doing the scavenger hunt.  It involved going to various places around Hamilton and taking a photo or video to prove you were there.  We got a photo clue of where we had to go.

I didn't expect to enjoy it so much!  We had two hours to complete the hunt, and ended up back at a local pub, where we had a couple of drinks before going around the corner for dinner.

Dinner was OK too.  Home now and enjoying watching Coronation Street.  


  1. Enjoy your night out Chris you both deserve some adult time

  2. Wonderful for you to have a Sue's visit. Hope you had a great time at the end of year function. Fig trees are pretty persistant 😆

  3. Sounds lime a fun Christmas function. Enjoy.

  4. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Have a great time, Chris! Cranks

  5. I can't wait to see the finished mantel. Have a great time. Someone's put a lot of work into organising it.sounds like lots of fun.

  6. The 3 sues crack me up! You have met made such neat friends BIG CONTRAST to Auckland yay..


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