Friday, December 15, 2017


Denim and Marley needed more inside toys to play with... so yesterday afternoon I went to the Warehouse and got them a bunch of toys.

ABOVE:  Rather typically, even though there are heaps for them to play with, they fought over the one toy!  Silly girls.

I get to sleep in today!
Brylee is on Keera duty.  We are going to take turns getting up to her until she leaves for Auckland.  So... I'm still in bed!
How cool is that?

I might even get Brylee to get me 'breakfast' in bed... won't be hard.  It's only Diet Coke!  lol

Our son Steve went shopping yesterday afternoon too.

For something they really, really needed too.

Stew and I have been quite worried that when they visit us, they'd have to come down in 2 vehicles, as the car Bex drives only holds 4 people.  With Keera added into their family, they wouldn't have room to all fit in one car.

So, he has been on the look out for a bigger car, one that will accommodate their growing family.  And he found this:

ABOVE:  It's a Nissan Presage, and it has 8 seats!  So, plenty of room.  So, not only have they had to move house (that happens next Friday), but they have also had to buy a bigger car... all so they can have Keera.

I can't thank them enough.  Her moving in with them is the perfect fit for her, us and Lacy.  There were other options... but none that would work well for EVERYONE involved.

Right... time to go for now.
No plans for the day, though I would like to get some sewing done... even if it's on the little machine.  


Moving on. I slept in till about 9 am. It was lovely.

Now... the girls and I are going into Hamilton. Keera needs new togs (swimmers) and we shall have lunch at the mall as a treat.

Today was all about KEERA:

 ABOVE:  We had lunch at a coffee shop... which included sandwiches, cake and hot chocolate.  And marshmallows... let's not forget them!

 ABOVE:  Then it was off to buy some new togs... she chose these.  I love them, Keera loves them, Brylee thinks they are too bright.  I think we won't lose her at the beach!

ABOVE: Then it was time for a haircut.  Nice and short for summer.  And easy care for Bex, who's not used to little girl's hair!

Talking of Bex, she's taken possession of her new car.  Hopefully she gets used to driving it quickly.  It' much bigger than what she's used to.

4.20 pm:  Just spent over an hour at the doctors, mostly WAITING.... Brylee has been feeling unwell the past few days.  Turns out it's most likely a viral tummy bug, so fingers crossed she feels better in a few days.
Drinking ice cream smoothies is such hard medicine to take I'm sure!  

Dinner tonight will be left overs outta the fridge, I'm in no mood to cook.  Hear that Mr Harvey?  *smiles*

LOL... Mr Harvey came home with the makings of a silly bugger dinner... AND he cooked it too!
Saveloys and spagetti on toast, sprinkled with cheese.  Rather nice.

Winding down for the day... the heat of the day is cooling off thank goodness.  
Brylee is feeling a bit better, the anti-nausea medication is working.


  1. Eeeek a new car haha. 😊

  2. That little girl is so loved. Steve and Bex are very special people like you Chris

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I always thought that your oldest daughter Amanda would have taken Keera has been married longer,owns her own house,works and is older.

    1. Length of marriage has nothing do with how capable two people are at caring for children, owning a house makes no difference either. And as for the last two points I also work, extremely hard and do rather well for myself, and I can assure you age is not a factor in this equation. Being older makes zero difference to how well someone can care for a child, especially in this situation.

    2. I was going to comment on the blog about your comment ANON, but I deleted it as I decided it was actually NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Steve you have replied well. ANON, I only posted your comment as I did want to reply to it. Normally you are more nasty! You've been very quiet lately... that would be because I don't let comments get published without checking them out first eh? *smiles*

    3. Anonymous12:39 PM

      (not the orignal anon)
      Being older, being married longer, owning a house - none of this is important when looking at where Keera should ultimately live.
      Just for a second - reflect on the awesome, active, and long term effort that Steve and Bex have made in making and maintaining a relationship/connection with Keera (even from a distance) and it is clear that that is where she should be. They have also shown that they can maintain connections with Chris and co when she is with them. Keera will not only be loved, but she will KNOW that she is loved.

    4. Anonymous1:30 PM

      It has to be said, Steve and Bex are the only people to have maintained a connection with Keera, except for her grandparents and Lacy.

    5. I just have to add that Keera is going to exactly the right family. I'm so happy for her and for Steve and Bex and the boys. What an odd comment for anon to make at a time when everything is sorted and happy??

  4. You are an awesome family, Chris and Stew, Steve and Bex. Kiera is completely blessed to have you. X

  5. Oh I forgot to add - Keera, you look absolutely gorgeous. I love your togs and your new haircut!!

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    That Keera certainly is a gorgeous looking little girl!
    Cathy in the US

  7. Oh keera looks awesome wither her new hair cut nice and short for summer. she looks so happy 😊 can't wait to see you tomorrow 😊 and Dante said that keera will love our new car he can't wait to show her. Xx

  8. Such a cutie! Congrats on the new car Bex and Steve. Also I have to say it really takes a lot to stand up and take charge of another little one. Kudos to the two of you for doing it!

  9. What a lovely thoughtful day together and yes ditto Strve and Bex are and were the ONLY CHOICE!!!


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