Tuesday, December 05, 2017


It took me half the day yesterday to get our Christmas tree up, but now it's done and I couldn't be happier with it:

ABOVE: I thought it would be much nicer for you to see a video, cos my phone's camera is utter crap in poor lighting.
So I hope you enjoyed it.

One day I will do a 'walk through' of our house, weird I've never thought of doing it before!

Today Brylee and I are off to the pool, me for Aqua Fit and her to just swim for an hour and cool off in the pool.

Cool off!  Pfffft. The town pool is at around 28 degrees, which is warm to me.
But, never mind, it's still lovely to be in the pool.

After Aqua Fit it will be home to do some housework/sewing.  OMG I keep procrastinating about making the last few Christmas bags!
Maybe I will do one today?

That's all for now... off to start the day.


Pool was actually a bit cooler getting in today... which was pleasantly surprising.  I heard some ladies even complain it was too cold!
Not for me, it was perfect.
The Aqua Fit class had 25 people today, which is a good number, any more and it's getting crowded.

Home/shower/relax for a little while.  My arms always feel tired after the pool.
And today I kept getting cramps, no doubt from sweating so much the past few days.

I didn't do any laps today, just wasn't up to it. 

3.18 pm: So hot! 29 degrees.  Haven't done a bloody thing.  It's too stinkin' hot.
I've got Card Night tonight, so have to get dinner sorted out, face on, hair done and so on.

Fed the family Chicken and veges for dinner, while I had some nibbles at cards.

Cards... was lovely.  Just a small group of 5 tonight.  I did not bring home the winner's trophy tonight.  I was the loser.  How 'lucky' that the girl with the Loser's trophy was not there!  ha ha.

Home now, and it has finally cooled down.  OMG it was so hot today.

I am NOT cooking a casserole in the oven again!  It made the family room even hotter!

Winding down time.  Then bed.


  1. That all looks lovely - love the photo bombing by Griffin at the end. I'm off to get more tree decorations today.

  2. Your tree looks beautiful Chris. Have a lovely day ☺

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Everything looks beautiful!! Great job :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Your tree is lovely, your lounge nice and tidy and Griffin is gorgeous x

  5. great idea to do a video! You inspired me yesterday to dig out our Christmas stuff (not hard, as the new house has oodles of storage and I've bought special Christmas boxes/tubs) and put up our tree and some little vignettes here and there. I still have the front of the house to do, which always looks pretty. The kids like knowing the house it lit up so Santa can spot our place as he fly's over!!! Maybe I will do a video too??? Christy xxxx

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Tree looks good...I have started the Aqua aerobics in my local pool which is quite new, I can really smell the chlorine after I finish even after having a shower does anyone have a solution for that ? I could smell it all night...


  7. Your entry looks stunning! The tree is beautiful too. And Griffins not bad!! X

  8. Love your decoration

  9. Decorations look lovely.

  10. Pop your exhaust fan on when you're using the oven. It helps draw some of the heat out.

  11. Is there high humidity there? I looked up how hot that is in Fahrenheit and that's like a nice day here lol. We don't have humidity here in CA though.

    1. Yes Julie, we get very high humidity... it's unbearable sometimes.

  12. I love hoe your decorating comes together no one likes it me thinks but always appreciate the efforts made .


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