Monday, December 18, 2017


I decided to make a Christmas runner for our dining table yesterday.  It's been on my mind for the past few weeks really, just haven't had the time to do it.

So, I started it yesterday.  These are progress photos:

 ABOVE:  4 Mug Rugs...

ABOVE:  The start of the runner.  There will be a border around the entire thing, it's still a work in progress.

I've got a mad dog:

 ABOVE:  Denim seems to like lying UNDER the dog bed!  Even when it's stinking hot!  Crazy dog.  Marley was getting sick of the camera's flash, hence the cranky face!

ABOVE:  LOL!  Denim is squirming out from under the bed, and Marley is trying to look in the camera!  Such a funny shot!

It's my turn to 'sleep in' today.  But it's hard when it's so hot, and I want to get on with my sewing... so I will be up and at'em soon.


So. My sleep in didn't happen.

I'm in the bathroom .. it's about 7.45, and I hear some voices outside and the word 'Puppies', then I hear our side gate opening!

I panic, someone is coming on our property to steal our puppies (in my mind anyway)!

So I run (YES I RAN) down the hallway to the first window that will give me a view of the puppy's area, and I see.... THANK GOD.... Stew walking down towards the back of the property with both pups in his arms! ??? What the?

He's showing them to our newest neighbours ... who have been moving into the house behind us and one over, the past couple of days. (their driveway runs down our side boundary)

So, even though I'm in my nightie, I go out and say 'HI'! Lovely people, him, her and a young son... who looks to be about 12?

They have come up from Opotiki, so quite a long haul to here.

We stood and chatted for quite a while actually, me in me nightie, messed up hair, no makeup... YEP.... a really good look for our first meeting! lol

So now I'm up and there is no point going back to bed cos I'm wide awake!

Oh and... His name is Chris, our elderly male neighbour on our left is Chris and I'm Chris! So three of us all together!

Late morning we had a visit from Stew's sister, Khady.   She dropped off presents and had a lovely visit.

ABOVE:  Her dog Max enjoyed playing with the puppy toys.

 ABOVE: While Khady was here we finally had a few spots of rain.  Not enough to help the farmers sadly.  Hoping we get heaps more during the week.
The girls have enjoyed some time out on the driveway today.

ABOVE: This is how I stop the incessant nagging for food.  I put a whole lot of snacks out on the bench for Keera, and she can help herself during the day.
It works a treat!

Yes, she did eat it all, even the dried banana chips, which she told me she hated!

I got my hair coloured last night, I was very lucky the salon chose to stay open and fit me in,  considering I did not expect them to have any appointments left for weeks!  The girl told me it was because of their muck up with me way back in May!  I really appreciated that.

Photo tomorrow in 'natural' light.  *smiles*

Time to end for the day... it's so much cooler tonight, such a relief.


  1. Lol those dog shots are gorgeous. I love your tablerunner Chris. It's beautiful.

  2. I love all your quilting. You are particularly expert at appliqué. I am lucky to get squares and triangles together. The puppies are enjoyable as always. Thank you.

  3. I hope you enjoy the Sony - I love Sony cameras. Both of mine are Sony and I wouldn't be without my little one!

    Aren't those wee dogs sweet? Such funny characters!!

  4. I guess the bonus is that you don't sleep in the nuddy!!!!

  5. That happens a lot, people stealing puppies, around here at least!

  6. I use to do that with Anthony weekends and school holidays cause he was always "starving" mind u filling a 6ft frame took a lot of food.

  7. That's a great idea for Keeras food.

  8. What a brilliant idea for the constant food demands. I love the variety - she gets to choose what she wants and no food has an emotional label. At the end of the day she will probably eat most of it and have had a good balance.

    Love the puppy kidnapping story. If they were being kidnapped I reckon the sight of you in your nightie would stop any would be thief in their tracks!! :)

  9. Lol I love reading your blog. You make me laugh, say Awe a lot but you also make me feel very lucky I have awesome friends like you and Stew. x X

  10. Denim and Marley such characters neat idea re food snack platter.


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