Thursday, December 21, 2017


WOW... it's come around fast... I have to pack up all of Keera's stuff today, so we can pack the car tonight, ready for an early start on Friday.

It's surprising how much 'stuff' she has scattered around the house.

I also need to hunt out some bedding/linen so Bex doesn't have to buy much for her.

I'm feeling happy, but apprehensive as well.  Happy that the day to day care of a 5 year old is ending, but also apprehensive about her coping with yet another HUGE change in her life.

I know she will be so much happier with Steve and Bex, but it still feels WRONG to be moving her on from here. She has been so settled here, and happy on a whole.

But, it is time we put ourselves first, even though that feels so selfish.

Once I've got all that done, I am going to make more Mug Rugs for my FBG  friends.  I'm on a mission to give one to all the girls I have spent lots of time with on our walks, and at various social events. I'm so happy that I've made so many friends!

ABOVE:  This fabric is rather apt for the Fat Bottomed Girls mug rugs!  I have heaps of it too, which is just as well as I want to make 20 more!  

  ABOVE:  I keep forgetting to turn this cute little Christmas tree on.  Note to self... have it on tonight!

And that's about all for now... there's lots to do and I'm off to get started.


Well the packing didn't take long at all!  I had already done some, and had in my mind where everything was.  It will be a simple process tomorrow ... just her bed/bedding and toiletries left to go in the car.

She's so excited!  Yabbering away non-stop about her new home, and helping me get it all done.  

I'm off into Hamilton shortly to return that cake and get another set of plastic 'drawers' for Keera's overflow stuff.  Then I will be done and can get on with some sewing.

So, I get to Pak N Save and they give me my money back, AND another bloody cake!
And it's pretty much exactly the same as the first one!  It was made and packed on the 6th of December, good till the 5th of January.  
The only way to make it reasonable edible is to smother it with custard!

After Pak N Save I got another storage thingee for Keera's clothes, swung by Spotlight and got some more batting then home.

It's super hot outside today, I'm keeping Keera inside.  She got too hot yesterday and had a meltdown in the afternoon.

I've not done any sewing yet, I really feel lazy today!

Winding down for the day, it's been a lovely lazy day really.  As tomorrow is going to be a busy one, maybe a quiet day was just what I needed.  *smiles*


  1. Selfish is the last word I'd use to s describe you Chris! Keera will flourish at Steve and Bex's, with other kids her age and you can go back to being an indulgent grandma!! X

  2. Yes its a big move for keera but remember it's the last move she has to do in a long time. And we all keep in touch often. I have noticed the boys getting a bit nervous about the move but they are also very excited about keera moving in. Xxoo

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    You have both given Keera love and confidence while you have had her, she has blossomed in your care. She now has a new life to look forward to and at long last you and Stew can have some "me" time. You are not being selfish at all, there are not many parents who would have done for their families what you both have done over the years. God bless you both.
    Yvonne UK.

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    You will still see Keera often (and she knows that) and she will love living with the boys full time. I am willing to bet that you will have her in the school holidays. You have done so much for your grandchildren over the years so selfish is certainly not a word I would use. Audrey Rotorua

  5. You are anything but selfish Chris so enjoy your free time now.

    I absolutely love the fabric you have used for the mug rugs.

    Hugs from The UK-x-

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM

    You have nearly reached the end of a very hard time in your life...I am very happy for you. Now you can be a grandmother instead of a mum to Keera! Cranky

  7. Exciting times!! It's going to be a new experience for all of you, and the best for everyone. Enjoy your new found freedom, you deserve it! Love the fabric for the mug mats, couldn't have been a better choice!!!

  8. If you didn't feel the move was the best for Keera you wouldn't be doing it cos family is no.1 for you. Now you can put you and Stew no.1 for the first time. EVER!! Enjoy.

  9. It is an exciting & scary time for both Keera & for the boys. At least this time, everyone has had lots of time to prepare the kids for the changes and it is natural for them to be a little apprehensive but I am sure it will work out perfectly. Keera is going to a loving home where she is wanted, growing up with "siblings" closer to her own age. No doubt there will be some initial teething problems until everyone gets used to the changes & the routines but I look forward to seeing her flourish even more as she grows up inner new family :-).

  10. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Yes it must feel hard for you..Steve and Bex are beautiful, caring people so all the littlies will be happy for you can go over there for sleepovers to give them a break ? lol


  11. Anonymous11:22 AM

    This is bound to be a bittersweet situation but if Keera is happy about her move, feel happy about it too! You have gone above and beyond for your family and now it's time to focus on yourself and to accomplish some of the personal goals you have set for yourself. It's impossible to do so when one is being pulled in a dozen different directions ..... now you can FOCUS ON YOU. Wishing you lots of luck with your next life chapter. Best wishes to adorable Keera with HER new life chapter too x

    Sandy in the USA

  12. Love the fat bottom ladies fabric, I have some here and have a mug bag and quilting bag. Best of luck with the big move.

  13. Bex! Start a blog! No, just enjoy your family. You are all amazing people!

  14. Every time I see that fabric I think of your cute cards you made.

    Did you just toss the 2nd cake?

  15. Loving the mug rugs selfish you NEVER but now you can be a bit more firm This is your time and Stew and to give Griffin and Brylee much needed time and guidance for that all important next move leaving home!


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