Saturday, December 23, 2017



10.30 am:  And I have been up an hour!
I woke earlier, like normal time, but stayed in bed and fell asleep again.  Yaaa!

Stew was up very early, he's struggling to sleep at the moment, so he got up REALLY early and sat in the lounge watching sport.  Then he napped on and off.
He went down to the local Farmer's Market for some avocados.  There was a HUGE queue of people all the way down the street waiting to buy fresh strawberries!   I would never queue for friggin strawberries!

They don't really appeal to me that much.  Lathered in ice cream and icing sugar... yeah I will eat them, but not normally.

 ABOVE:  Keera's bed on the roof of the car... Stew thought it would fit inside, but nah, it didn't.  I spent half the trip up to Auckland yesterday staring at it through the wing mirror, worried sick it would fly off.
It didn't.  Crick in neck for nothing.

ABOVE:  The little rug rats this morning, hoping to get a tidbit from me.  They stare at me constantly when I'm having something to eat, hoping for a scrap.  They can both jump up on the chairs now.

Plans for today?  Sewing mug rugs, then wrapping, putting in Christmas bags, all the presents!  I've done NOTHING yet!  Talk about leave it to the last minute.

Stew was so tired he took himself off to bed for a nap, so while he was doing that, I went out and hand delivered all the mug rugs to my friends.
That took me about 2 and a half hours!  No such thing as drop and run!  I got to have a nice catch up with most of the girls, so lovely.

I'm now home, and Stew is up and cooking dinner... shit I'm a lucky tart!
I will be sleeping well tonight for sure, I'm knackered!

But, for now, it's dinner, then Brylee and I will spend a couple of hours wrapping and sorting out presents.

Maybe I will get them all done tonight?  That would be awesome.

IT'S DONE!  I got it all sorted, wrapped, bagged and put away again in just over 2 hours!
A...mazing.  And I didn't end up crying.  I have done THAT before, I loathe present wrapping THAT much!

Another year's presents finished.  Thank God.

And on that note, I'm off to relax and watch Coronation Street... bliss.


  1. Enjoy your well deserved sleep in hope miss keera had a good sleep and the boys too in there new home.

  2. So lovely to get hand made gifts and even more special to have them hand delivered. Good luck with wrapping up the presents.

  3. What a lovely thoughtful person you are Chris.

  4. I did mine weeks ago.

  5. I spent almost all day wrapping presents yesterday! I bought a lot of small stuff instead of more expensive stuff this year

  6. I do know how much wrapping stresses you glad it was fairly painless.


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