Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I don't know if many of you would remember, but when we tried 'walking' Denim on a lead, she refused point blank to walk.  Instead she flopped down on her belly and had to be dragged along.

Well... now we realise that she will probably never be able to walk on a lead.
Cos this is what she does even with toys:

She drops and ENJOYS being dragged!  So, walking on a lead is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

ABOVE:  I finally opened this home baking that was given to me by one of my neighbours, who also happens to be a Fat Bottomed Girl (walking group).  The shortbread and chocolate balls are super YUM! Thanks Hayley.

Today Bex and I have an appointment in town, so after lunch we can slope off and leave the guys with the little kids.  Yaaaa.... might have to have a wander around the local shops at the same time.  *smiles*

I'm not sure what else is 'on' today, time will tell eh?  


Well I've spent the morning re-arranging stuff in my sewing and Fabric/Craft room and tidying up various other areas of the house.  

Last night (late) I took down all the Xmas decorations too.  I couldn't help myself.

Trouble now is... I've totally overdone it and my back is going into spasm.  Very painful... so I've had to stop and sit down.  Taken some Voltaren Back and Pain pills.  Hopefully that works, or I'm buggered for the next few days.

Lunchtime soon... so I shall just sit here and get waited on I think. *smiles*

Steve, Bex and the kids leave tonight, it's been lovely having them over Christmas.  Kids make Christmas eh?

They have loved playing with the puppies, Dante used to be fairly scared of them, but not now.  He's the one always asking for them to be brought into the family room to play.  So cute.

SANDWICH THINS are the bomb!  Just sayin'.

ABOVE:  The family just left.  Their car was jam packed!  Just as well they got a new, bigger car.
Hopefully their trip home will be smooth sailing.  The kids will probably sleep most of the way... if their parents are lucky.   lol

It's so QUIET now!  We have an hour or so before thinking about dinner, so are just relaxing in the family room.  It's blissful. *smiles*

Stew made a lovely dinner tonight, I am so grateful he's such a good cook!  My back is feeling quite a bit better now, so if I'm lucky it will be even better by tomorrow.

Time to sign off for the day.  


  1. That video is hilarious! Have you seen those harness type jackets that you can use for walks? I've seen one with a handle on the back where you can pick the dog up and carry it like a briefcase if needed!!

  2. Merry Christmas Chris! Looks like you have a wonderful neighbor... Denim is so cute. If I remember correctly you can entice them with small treats until she gets the idea ? As usual everything takes time and patience. lol Babies come in all sizes .

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Chris you both have done an amazing job raising your family, that Stev and Be are now taking the lead just proves what a caring and loving family you have both made together; this doesn’t just happen it takes dedication and hard work; Jo

  4. So happy your Christmas was a good one. How was Keeras foot??? Was she happy to leave with Steve and family?? She is so lucky to be loved by so many.

    1. Keera's foot bothered her a bit today, a bit swollen and itchy... but it came right in the afternoon. She was more than happy to leave with her family! No tears at all. It felt good knowing she was perfectly happy to leave us. Job well done!

  5. Denim why walk when you can slide classic maybe a lil trolley?

  6. What a goofy dog lol


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