Sunday, December 24, 2017


What's on today?

Well... we need to make up beds for Steve, Bex and the three kids today.

So funny, Keera has only been 'gone' for two days, and she will be back as a visitor today!

It's neat really.  It will be good to see her so soon after her move, see how she's feeling about everything.

I've changed things around in her 'old' room, so now her and Dante will be sleeping in there tonight, on mattresses on the floor.  I hope that goes well!

Steve, Bex and Archer will be in Brylee's room (she has a queen size bed), and Brylee will be on a couch in the lounge.

I've arranged them all like that so the lounge doesn't have the little kids in it on Christmas Eve, they might see 'Santa' bringing in their presents if they were in there!  Can't have that.

So the only jobs today will be bed making!

I finished doing all the presents last night, which was an awesome feeling.

I didn't think I would get it all done in one night.

MEH, just remembered.  Stew and I have to do some grocery shopping.  Just a few things for Christmas Day.  Not a big shop thankfully.

I think most people have to do some degree of grocery shopping today surely?  Fresh stuff mostly.

Well... that's about it from me for now... catch ya later!


Well it's been a busy morning... just fluffing around the house mostly.  And getting the groceries.  We went down early, which was great cos now it's a mad house down there!

 ABOVE:  My Fabric Room... I used the 'Panorama' feature on Steve 'n' Bex's camera... quite a nifty feature!

 ABOVE:  Fabric room, with the brown couch return in there.  It fits in so well!  Now I have a comfy place to sit in there.

We decided after many, many years of not using it, to get my Dad's 'Hong Kong' coffee table out of storage and use it.  

ABOVE:  it looks good there.  It took a lot of furniture polish to get it looking good again, I had to use a small paintbrush to get in all the tiny crevices.

ABOVE:  My Dad visited Hong Kong on his way home from America over 30 years ago, and bought this there.  It came home on a ship some months later.
My Mum gave it to me after my Dad died.

Steve 'n' Bex and kids arrived in time for lunch, so that's what we are all doing now...eating.

And after lunch we babysat the kids so Steve and Bex could go do something without kids in tow.  Then dinner... Stew made salads and sausages on the BBQ.

Now?  Kids are getting readied for bed, then we can all relax for the evening, before 'Santa' arrives and clutters up the lounge!  *smiles*

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. I've been to the supermarket last night so praying I won't need to get near the shops!! We're having Christmas with one family today and the other family tomorrow. Have a super Christmas!! 🎄

  3. Have a lovely day. Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. Have a great Christmas Chris with the family. It will be very exciting Christmas morning with the little ones. I'm sure you'll have some great pictures!

    1. The coffee table is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Merry Christmas to you all! We are having dinner at relatives today and tomorrow, so I'm not doing much shopping either. I wrapped everything from Santa a few days ago and thought of you!!! lololol..... have a great break, Christy xxxx

  6. Happy Christmas Chris, I hope you have a wonderful time with the family. Always is better with young ones around I think. All the best for the new Year, looking forward to reading your blogging adventures in 2018.

  7. I love that coffee table!
    Happy Holidays.

  8. I always loved that table.

  9. Anonymous3:21 PM


    I really like the coffee table, I like Chinese furniture..especially some of their cabinets..


  10. Been catching up on your blog. I am so so pleased for Keera on this new step in her life. And a little visit back so "soon" after moving is not a bad thing - I think it will help with her transition to see you are ok, everything is ok, she will probably kick off a bit when it is time to leave but I think this visit will help in the long run. Am praying for you all. Merry Christmas!

  11. Table is great! Can't wait to see pics of the kids going crazy tomorrow with their Santa loot!

  12. Your dads table stunning house looking great.... Loving all the new things....


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