Thursday, December 07, 2017


I won an auction on TradeMe last night, so after I've dropped Keera at school, and been to Aqua Fit,  I'm going into Hamilton to pick up my purchase.

Want to know what I won?...


ABOVE:  Yep, it's a fireplace surround and mantle piece!
And yep, I don't have a fireplace!  It's Kauri too... so rather special.

lol... I plan on probably cutting it down and only using the top part ... from the scroll bits up, but we will see how it looks once it's here.

I really miss having a mantle piece, so once this is on the wall I will paint it either the same colour as the walls or white.  Then I can put pretty candles on it like I had in Auckland:

ABOVE:  This is what I am aiming for, without the fire!  Like a fancy shelf... sorta.

What do ya think?

Diet front:  blew it yesterday... utterly.
Back to it today.  I will keep the calories down low to account for yesterday's lunch.
And now... off to start the day.


With Christmas coming up, I decided to put the extensions in the dining table, so I did that late yesterday afternoon.

Then, at 11.30 pm last night I decided ... as ya do, to move one of the shelving units from the lounge to the family room.  Cos it has all the serving dishes on it.... So Brylee and Griffin helped me:

ABOVE:  I think it looks awesome there.  I don't like that round, white and blue tray on the top, that's getting moved asap.

Now I can see, and will USE, the various dishes on there again.  I tended to forget I even had them while they were 'out of sight, out of mind'  in the lounge!

3.26 pm:  And it's been a busy day!
Brylee and I went swimming, the pool was lovely.  Lots of people there today in the class, well over 30.
We got into Hamilton bang on 11.30 and picked up the fire surround/mantle piece.  It was in bits, as expected.

Then we went and had lunch (club sandwiches, so yum), and after that Brylee and I  went out to the Base for some Christmas decoration shopping.

I wanted to get a few things for the mantle piece!  Shit, I hope we actually get it up BEFORE Christmas!

Then home in time to pick up Keera from school.  OMG it's another scorching day out there!  It's 30 degrees in my family room, I've turned on the air con, it's NECESSARY!

We will be having takeaways for dinner, I can't bear the thought of cooking in this heat.  I need a night off.

 ABOVE:  Christmas decorations that are not getting taken out until we have a mantlepiece to put them on.

ABOVE:  The main parts of the fire surround/mantle piece that I will be using.  As you can see, they will need to be shortened some what. 
I will get the height sorted out tonight, and do some sanding tomorrow.

So, Stew got home to the job of cutting the height down, which is now done.
Tomorrow I will do some sanding, then painting.

A quiet evening ahead... it's too hot to be bothered doing anything much.


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    That serving dish would look fab as a table center piece with white candles on it in different heights and small bits of drift wood,shells etc surrounding the candles.

  2. Oh the mantle looks beautiful so wouldn't paint it id love a mantle here but gggeezze the landlord has a pink fit if u put a picture hook up.

  3. Like the mantle. They're perfect for decorating, with or without a fireplace. Your dishes are so colorful. Just love your home. :)

  4. Don't worry about yesterday's calories, having a nice lunch with friends is more important than sitting nibbling on salad wishing you were eating something else. It is not supposed to be a "diet" it is supposed to be a "lifestyle" and the occasional lunch out is part of your lifestyle.

    I like the shelf where you have put it and agree that dish on top needs to go, personally I don't think there needs to be anything on top as it detracts from the lovely shape of the cabinet.

  5. Anonymous10:57 AM


    I love the mantle, I think it would be a waste to cut it down, you could find some shelves or something decorative to put in the place of a fire place ? like you did with the screen on your gate mirroring the picture on the wall that look so good...I miss having a mantle piece too, we no live in a home without a wood fire..or previous house was about 70 years old...



  6. I love the fire surround. I would usethe whole lot and leave it as it is, no painting

  7. Anonymous2:17 PM

    What a fabulous score the Kauri mantlepiece was .. Well done you !!.. Watching you ones flair in the home and the garden last few months,,, I am sure whatever the finished product is .. Will look awesome..

    Will keep on peeking in ...

  8. Please keep it as a full mantelpiece - shorted if necessary but use the whole thing. Have a look at these for ideas... seriously cool.

  9. I agree with Lynda. Keep it as it is but make it a statement piece. Pintrest have some great idea and you are super clever enough to make it BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  10. Certainly is a beautiful mantle.

  11. Of course you get to indulge your 2 loves moving placing furniture and painting designing arty crafty items..


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