Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Yes, late start to the day today.
I've woken up feeling like utter crap.
Sore throat. Headache.  Aching all over.

So, getting a cold no doubt.  

Just as well I have nothing on today then!

I got a message/photo from Steve first thing this morning :

ABOVE:  A proud parent moment for Stew and I.  And now we have a qualified builder in the family.

Right, I better get a move on... Keera needs to get to school.  When I get home again I think I will be going back to bed!  I really don't feel well at all.


Didn't go to bed.  Got out the jigsaw and cut the wood for the fireplace 'extra' bit.
Now waiting for the undercoat to dry so I can paint it and get it up.
Oh and I painted the black part too.. straight onto the wall.  I saw no point in actually using wood and then having to attach it to the wall.

So much for waiting to do it at a later date!

 ABOVE:  I got Griffin out of bed BEFORE 11 am to do a small job for me.  He didn't even complain!

ABOVE:  That's it !!!  DONE, nothing else is changing.  No more ideas please, I'm 100% happy with how it is.  (the Fairy Lights look better than the rope lights, hence the change)

And NOW I'm going to put me feet up before they swell.

You would be so proud of me!  I actually DID lie down with my feet up for a good hour and a  half!  And I still have ankles today.  Yesterday I didn't, and my left foot was super swollen too.
My legs ache when they get really swollen, so I'm happy they are behaving today.

Or rather, I'm behaving.  *lol*

Stew got home early from work today, so he's gone down to the supermarket for a few supplies, and I do believe, he's doing dinner too.  Nice one.

I can just sit here and relax for once.  

And relax I did.  I watched a bit of TV, then I did a little sewing.  My big machine has packed it's first 'sad'... so I will have to get it looked at.
Annoying, but happy I do have a little 'spare' machine to use, even if it's horrendous compared to McDreamy. 
McDreamy being my Brother Dreamweaver machine... which is usually an amazing machine!

Off to bed soon... still feeling decidedly under the weather, but not as bad as this morning.


  1. Oh Wow Congratulations to Steve. Well done. A lot of hard work paid off. I am wrapped for all of you. How awesome you've been to support them when he started this journey. I hope you're going to get well soon Chris.

  2. Congratulations Steve ! Well Done

  3. Yep, same thing here last week - I was sick (sore throat etc) and now Stu is off sick. Yuk. I hope your's doesn't get too bad.

  4. Congratulations to Steve and to his proud parents.

  5. Congratulations Steve!!!!

    Chris, make sure yours up (I know that is not your strong point) because if you don't give your body a chance to get better, you will feel worse for longer. Spend the day doing NOTHING - that means sleeping or resting!!

  6. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Shot dude big Congrats x #2

  7. Congratulations to Steve. Hope you feel better Chris.

  8. Congrats to Steve. Such a great effort whilst looking after a young family. Although he couldn't have done it without Bex :)

    Hope you feel better soon ... resting is good but sometimes having a quiet potter takes your mind off feeling crap!

  9. Congratulations Steve!!!! Faux fire place looks fabulous!!!!!!

  10. Excellent job!!! I'm so glad you did that extra bit and I love the logs and the fairy lights on it. So gorgeous for Christmas too.

  11. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Your fireplace looks SUPER. I would never have imagined that you would have ended up with such a cool room feature as this .... well done, talented you.

    Sandy in the USA

  12. Love the fire great job chick

  13. Congratulations Steve!! The fireplace looks fabulous. Love the fairy lights and logs. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  14. Anonymous5:22 PM

    This is so beautiful! What a great idea. Happy Holiday's Harvey family.
    ~Nicole in CA

  15. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Congratulations to Steve awesome! I WASNT SURE. Of the fireplace BUT ALL I CAN SAY is wow! Tis me blondie

  16. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Wow! Looks FABULOUS!

  17. Love the fireplace. So jealous always wanted one especially at Christmas time x

  18. The fireplace and surround look stunning. Awesome job!
    And congratulations to Steve!

  19. The fireplace looks lovely. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  20. Super belated congratulations Steve. CHRIS GO INTO INTERIOR decorating you'd smash it....


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