Monday, December 04, 2017


One job I loathe ... but has to be done:

ABOVE:  Christmas Tree and decorations.  *sigh*
I better get it done though, cos Stew and Griffin sweated gallons finding them and getting them down from the attic!

It's INCREDIBLY HOT up under the roof!  If I ever want a sauna, I can just go up there!

I had planned on going to Aqua Fit this morning, but I think I'll just get on with the tree, before it gets horribly hot later on today.
There is nothing to stop me from going for a swim later on today actually!  I will see how I feel later.

When you have a shit job in front of you, ya just want to get it done and over with.. right?

ABOVE:  I can't wait to put that cute little Santa on the tree!  But that's all I'm looking forward to! lol

Now... what else?  Washing (Brylee can do it), vacumming (Griffin can do it), and get the smallest kid to school (I will do it)... lol.
And that's only cos the other two are still in bed and probably won't be up till 11 am!

NAH, I'm gunna get their lazy butts outta bed around 10.00 today.  They both have plans to meet up with friends in town today, so I want to get them doing their jobs before they bugger off.

And that's all for now ... off to start my day.


9.30 am:  And so far so good.  It's a sizzling day out there.  I picked up my prescription from the Drs, and while waiting or me pills, saw this cutie and bought it:

ABOVE:  so handy for my bag, for going away and so on.  I have a large one that holds 4 weeks worth of pills, but I hate having to fill it up!  This one works for me.

After the chemist, I popped into the supermarket for some fresh veges, and bought this:

ABOVE:  Has anyone used this product before?  Review/Opinion?  

Now.. on with THAT JOB.

12 noon:  And ummm... I've unpacked some of the decorations!
And just had my lunch.  And ... I've done everything but get the tree out of the box!  Might do that next.

Still have to check all the lights work...

 ABOVE:  I'm getting there!

ABOVE:  Front door.  Rather cute.

2.35 pm:  And the lights are on.  Thank God.  And surprise, surprise!  It wasn't that arduous after all.  I'd coiled the 5 strings of lights separately so it was actually, dare I say it, EASY to do!

Time to pick up Keera, then back to it.

4.45 pm:  and it's done.  And it looks so pretty.  I took a little video rather than a photo as it shows up better.
Will put that on the blog tomorrow... it's still uploading.  Man that takes ages!

Dinner for the family tonight is mince/bacon/tomato mix over pasta.
I will be having a bucket full of lettuce!  lol
Nah, I'll be having some of the meat mix on it's own.

12.29 am: Whoops, didn't realise the time!  Better get off to bed, Brylee fully expect me to take her to the pool tomorrow.


  1. Still haven't got ours out yet but today I am going to the 2nd Christmas party already lol

  2. I did my tree last week and even wrapped some present yesterday... like you I HATE that job!!!

  3. I had a friend with a special closet designated for her tree. She just put a dust cover over it when she returned it to the closet and removed the cover when she took it out at Christmas. I was so jealous.

    1. OMG!!!!! What a brilliant idea. Now do I have a spare closet? Off to see ... lol!

  4. I've got 6 trees up. And a few zillion lights love the decorations

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Those noodles were horrible lol I had the spaghetti ones. Was that a brand name chemist you got the pill box from?

  6. I use those calorie clever packets, find them just great to bulk up a meal....on their own they are tasteless.

  7. Ugh, I am guessing I will have to do the tree decoration thing this weekend, luckily the kids have been too busy to worry about it. Last year Samyson decorated the tree - looked like a dogs dinner (which was about the only damn thing he didn't put on it), it had a book, Toy Story Aliens, soft toys!! And he was 19, it is not like he was a 3 year old doing it lol.

  8. No Christmas decorations here. We are aged 24-57, so I dont bother. I 'may' put bunting up but that will be about it. I hate packing it all away.

  9. I've had Slendier noodles - the ones I had were in liquid in the packet and you had to rinse them thoroughly before adding to food. Once added though they tasted fine.

  10. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I have those noodles all the time instead of pasta. They do have a distinct taste that takes a bit of getting used to. I find they are only good with a strong flavored sauce that masks their flavor. THey are also very high in fibre so can be a bit of a shock to the system the first time you have them (wink). Michelle from Oz.

  11. I have a little tree that stays decorated all the time too and just hide it in a storage room. So much easier, but I am not one of those people who have to handle each ornament and enjoy each memory all over. I just enjoy the tree and in a tiny house you do not have much room to do that.

  12. Why not let the kids do the tree? It's usually a big thing for the kids to decorate it, then you don't have to worry about it :) I'm sure Miss Muppet would have loved it too.

    I came home from work one day last week and the kids had done mine. One less job for me!

  13. Did you know that chopped lettuce with hot mince on the side is delicious? We often have this - just like when you make up a taco with mince, lettuce, cheese etc but without the taco shell. Another thing we have is steamed sliced cabbage in place of pasta with Bolognese sauce. I also make cauliflower cheese quite often instead of potato.

  14. I'm using Ruby, our new puppy as an excuse not to put up decorations. Sounds pretty lame when you have two puppies. But that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!!

    1. Oooo a new puppy! What fun.... as I know. Our puppies can't get into the lounge where the tree is... I'm not silly! lol

    2. Our house is completely open plan, so I have no choice. I've put a barrier on the stairs though. Have a look at my Facebook page to see Alfie helping Ruby to learn to climb the stairs. So cute!

  15. I am not a fan of putting up the tree etc. We started outside with the lights and will be putting up the tree next weekend. Have fun!

  16. Gee I bet getting into the attic in the heat a mission well done Lads,


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