Wednesday, December 20, 2017


RUNNER:  I only have to stitch the binding on this now:

ABOVE:  I am really happy with how it's come out... simple design, but cheerful and bright.

I've also got 4 mug rugs on the 'go' in the  same 'vein'.  Should get them done today too.

CAKE:  It's going back today sometime.  Pak N Save are going to give me my money back.  Quite happy about that.

WALK:  I'm going on a FBG walk tonight.  It's a LONG one, so I will be taking it slow.  It starts at 7, so it will probably still be quite hot and muggy... hence me planning on going slow-ish.

Today on a whole... sewing mostly.  It's Brylee's 'turn' to get up to Keera... so maybe I will get to stay in bed till 8?  That would be nice.

Though in saying that, once I'm awake it is rather hard to stay in bed... my mind keeps thinking of all the things I could be doing and then I get cross and have to get up!

ABOVE:  A little video I took yesterday.  

And that's about it for now... so I will update later on...


A very good morning so far.  I've been sewing in my room, WITHOUT company!
Griffin has just left with is mates for Hamilton.  They are going to 'JUMP', so place with lots of trampolines and so on.

Brylee is playing SIMS in her room and Keera is happily eating her lunch, and playing outside on her scooter.  

So all is good!

I have had to back out of the walk tonight.  It's a sweltering hot day, and it only gets worse as the day draws to a close.  I simply can't walk in this heat.   So, as I've made a few mug rugs for some of my FBG girlfriends, I will be going to the start point to give them to a couple tonight.

Then home to relax in the slightly less hot house.  

Brylee is cooking dinner tonight, under my supervision.  It's Spag Bol.  A family favourite.

ANON:  YEAH NAH.... That comment is sure in hell NOT getting published!  You are a bitch, through and through.  You THINK you know what goes on in MY house?  You know nothing.
You PRESUME too much.

It's been an interesting evening, I did not do anything I thought I would be doing.  But, my time was needed elsewhere, and that's how it goes.  Family comes first, and I was only to happy to sit and listen when someone needed a friendly ear.

And now... it's time to just sit and relax for a while, spend some time with Stew.


  1. Love the runner, it's gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    LOL that video! The lengths one has to go to for some peace eh. Your family is lovely :)

    I really like the table runner too.

  3. I love the Christmas table runner :-).

    Enjoy your day.

  4. I love love love the runner. Great news on the cake refund.

  5. You know, even acknowledging ANON's comments on here just encourages her. I'd delete the comment and not even give her the screen time. She probably looks for it!

    Love the runner, love the mug rugs! Merry Christmas! xxx

  6. LOVE the table runner!

  7. Table runner is gorgeous always love seeing the sewing on the go projects....


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