Sunday, December 17, 2017


Steve and Bex lent me their camera yesterday.  I was excited to actually have a camera to use until mine is repaired.

ABOVE:  OMG it's SO SMALL!  Seriously, it's like holding a toy camera!
I did use it yesterday, and it's marginally better than my phone camera, I think?

Either way, it sure beats having to email every photo from my phone to my computer, then download the photos to my files!  So many steps I don't have to do now.

I got a call from Snapshot a couple of days ago and they said Canon are waiting on a part from Japan, so I wouldn't have my camera back by Christmas.  Grrrrrr.  I really don't think I will be getting it back before January or February now.
That sucks.

Today?  Stew is going to mow the lawns, they are growing like weeds.  I might prune some shrubs and just muck around outside, and get some washing out.

Keera can play under the sprinkler later on... she loves that.  Maybe we can entice the puppies to get under it too?

***Someone did a horrible, mean and cruel thing to a member of my family very recently.  I have held that person in my arms and listened to their pain and grief.  

It reminds me a a time many, many years ago when something similar happened to someone else near to me.

I swore I would get revenge on that person.  But I never got the chance.  But ... I firmly believe that 'What goes around comes around'.... and it did.

That person has paid for her sins twice over, and I am ashamed to say it has made me SO HAPPY.

So... now I am going to sit back and WAIT... because I KNOW that the universe will get the bitch who has hurt one of mine.  EVENTUALLY.

 ABOVE:  I hope my loved one takes this advice, because wanting revenge, plotting revenge ... will just eat away at your soul.  I know this for a fact.

Give it time... KARMA will get her mate.

Now... better get off here and do something productive.


Well I've been busy.  I went into town and did the grocery shopping, and picked up a paddle pool for the pups.

They didn't take long at all to get in and enjoy it!

ABOVE:  So happy they like it... it will help keep them cool over summer.

Ha!  Again, I forgot to put a space after the little video so I could add on AFTER it.  Derrr.

So, it's now 8.41 pm and it's stinking hot.  Stew got all the lawns done this afternoon.  Poor bugger, he probably sweated buckets full out there!

I meantime, did some sewing.  I will show you a progress shot tomorrow.

I'm done now... too tired to do any more.  Even though my sewing room is on the cooler side of the house, it's still stinkin' hot in there!

Winding down, feet up for the first time in hours.  Luckily they are not too swollen today.


  1. Certainly what goes around comes around. Hope those affected ok and can stay stonger..

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Karma is the best thing that can happen to arseholes we are waiting for it to happen as well keep on trucking team and think positive thoughts George's Mum.

  3. Chris, if you load the Google Photo app onto your phone it will automatically update the photos to Google photos on your computer (well in the cloud). It is a free app and free storage. I will save every one of your photos and as long as you choose the normal resolution (not super high) there is no limit to the storage. You can then access all of your photos anywhere and never worry about losing photos as they will all be stored on Google Photos. I have all my photos on there... thousands of them!!

  4. It looks like like everyone had a great day yesterday. Isn’t Karma a wonderful thing, I hope it works well this time

  5. Paddle Pool. Haha You have such cute and descriptive words. I love it!

  6. Go you paddling pool if it gets much hotter get in it too!!


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