Thursday, December 14, 2017



Cos it's Keera's last day at her Cambridge school.
In fact, it's only a half day today.  They finish at 12 noon.

So, last time I have to get up, make her lunch, get her ready and out the door to school.  And last day I have to interrupt my afternoon to go and pick her up.

Considering I've had to do that for 34 years with all 8+1 kids, I think I'm entitled to feel damn relieved it's OVER.

Next year I will only be going to school to take or pick up Brylee and Griffin if it's pouring down with rain!  And even then I might think twice about it!  lol

So... once Keera is home from school, we have ONE WEEK until she moves to Auckland to be with Steve, Bex and the boys!
One week to spend some quality time with her before we revert back to 'just' being her Grandparents.

I don't really have any plans for today, other than remembering to pick the kid up at midday!  I'm sure Brylee will remind me.

There's quite a bit of housework to do, maybe I will do that?
Oh and I need to wrap Dante's 5th Birthday present.  He's 5 on Saturday!  OMG ... let's all say it:

"Where the hell did those 5 years go?"

It simply doesn't seem that long ago he was coming home from the hospital as a newborn!

OK... time to go... gotta make that lunch! Get her to school on time...


10.00 am:  and it's already been a good morning!
I dropped Keera off at school and had a chat with her teacher.  They have just finished doing an assessment of Keera's learning, and will email me the report so I can give it to her new school.  Excellent.

Back to my car, and one of the patchwork ladies comes out of her house and yaks to me on the street... so I asked her where in town I could take my sewing machine to be fixed?  JUST AROUND THE CORNER!  Excellent.

I came home, picked up the machine and dropped it off.  No hurry on the repair, I totally understand it is coming up to Christmas.

Home, and yakking with Bex, she's at the new school in Auckland for Dante's last visit before he and Keera start next year.

It's going well:

ABOVE:  OMG I remember playing with those peg boards as a little kid too!

This little family are just SO LUCKY ... they have this just 2 minutes down the road from them:

ABOVE:  A beach and playground!  I am so envious.  

Right, I shall bugger off and get something happening ... probably washing!

12.33 pm:  It's done.  FINALLY done with Cambridge Primary School.  I couldn't be happier.  

I just did a quick tally of all the preschools and schools we have attended with our various kids and bonus kids:

TEN Preschools, Playcentres and Kindergartens.
TEN Primary Schools.
THREE Intermediate Schools.... and finally
FIVE Colleges.

That's a lot of schools and uniforms!  Not to mention School Fees!  

ABOVE:  Cos I could, you get this little video.  

Well, the day has gone well.  I've kept my feet up this afternoon, so I still have ankles.. JUST.  The heat certainly makes my legs suffer!
I've also had a nagging headache for the past few days... no doubt the heat again.

Dinner tonight was a lovely beef and bacon hock stew.  Not much cooking involved thank goodness.

Winding down now...looking forward to a cooler evening.


  1. I still can't believe he's five on Saturday. We have his last school visit today before starting next year with keera. 😍 so exciting. Better go get him ready haha. Xx

  2. 5 years of joy fun and entertainment. Enjoy those last few weeks cause once he start school he will be an independent lad with ideas and intentions all of his own

  3. Enjoy the last week with Keera - you've done a good job and she's going to be very happy in her new family. She'll never forget her time with you.

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Yes, you have most definitely earned a break from school pick up and drop off, and all the etc etc etc that goes along with having Elementary school aged children (not to mention Middle school and High school!!) It is time for that new chapter in your life, where you can begin to focus more on YOURSELF. I hope that Keera gets on well with Bex, Steve and the boys. They seem like a lovely family and I'm sure Keera will be just fine. She is a darling. All the best!

    Sandy in the USA

  5. I have 3 1/2 more years if I don't inherit little Robert at some point. Woohoo

  6. Great news for you both and for Keera to be in a loving family with kids near her age. You are an amazing Mum.

  7. Keera is going to love living with her new family, that beach looks lovely, I imagine they will spend a fair bit of time there over the summer :-)

    1. Correct we proberly will 😂😂 so they don't drive me crazy. There are heaps of cool playgrounds as well.

  8. Have you checked out the uniform at the new school. Loved the video. Keera s cute and now she'll be a big sister! Take care of you Chris.

  9. Congratulations on Keera finishing school. All the best with the transitioning.

  10. Wow new area around Steve and Bex looks fab, but jealous beach .... Everyone will love it I'm sure.


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