Friday, December 22, 2017


I really didn't expect this day to happen for at least another couple of months!

But, it's here now, we are moving Miss Muppet up to Auckland TODAY.

Steve, Bex, Dante and Archer are moving into their new home today too... so a very exciting day ahead.

We are hoping to get away fairly early, as Stew is helping Steve with moving all their furniture and effects.

Steve has hired a moving truck for the day, so the sooner we can get up there the  better.

ABOVE:  For a kid who arrived with virtually nothing, she's taking a lot away with her!  Her bed is still in her room, Stew and Griffin will have to load that into the car soon.  Then we can fit all this stuff in around the bed.

So ... that's about it for now.  We will be fairly busy during the day, so I'm not sure if I will be doing an update during the day or not.  I will try to, but not promising.

Catch ya later!


ABOVE:  Well...we are in the new house. In fact I'm sitting on the dining room floor. No chairs to sit on yet! We are waiting for the guys to arrive with the first big load.

It's rather exciting. And stinkin hot. AND it's drizzling on and off.... so muggy and humid as hell.

But never mind...  its all good. *smiles*

ABOVE: First truck load.... probably only one more to go.

ABOVE: First load is in.... pit stop for lunch. Gotta love their dining room 'table'... *smiles*

ABOVE: kids playing in the lounge.  A lovely wood burner for winter.

6 pm... crazy crazy traffic situation ... There is NONE. NO traffic jams anywhere!!! We are cruising through Takanini, where we expected massive delays... and there is hardly any traffic! It's just amazing!

ABOVE: Crazy Christmas traffic....non event!

Safely home again.  
I didn't do much today apart from watch children.   I woke up feeling massively sick to my stomach, so wasn't up to doing much.
Had horrible stabbing pains in my stomach midday and figured I'd caught Brylee's tummy bug.

But, I have slowly come right over the afternoon, so managed to have some dinner before we left for home.

Since getting home I've re-arranged a few things in both sewing/craft rooms, and just fluffed around a bit.
Now it's time to relax and do NOTHING.
Well... except watch Coronation Street!


  1. What a wonderful day for everyone!!! I love that Keera will be in the new home from day one so she will feel a part of it all. Steve and Bex, you are the best - Merry Christmas to you and your lovely little family.

  2. I hope everything goes well today. How exciting, a new start in life for everyone.

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Yes I agree with other commenters that for everyone to begin a new chapter in a new home is a GREAT start. Lots of luck to Keera. Have a great day!

    Sandy in the USA

  4. Safe travel up to Auckland. Happy Moving day to everyone. A new exciting chapter begins.

  5. I don't want to put a downer on your day but you do realise that traffic OUT of Auckland tonight will be a slammed!!! Maybe try to leave early or late - we are not even going to attempt it until tomorrow morning :)

  6. Hugs for all. A wonderful step in all your lives. A few tears but they will all be good positive tears. That little miss is so lucky to be so loved.

  7. Such an exciting day for all concerned. What a fortunate little girl Keera is to have such a wonderful loving family.

  8. Drive carefully, especially coming home, it will be insane getting out of Auckland this afternoon. Such an exciting day for Steve & Bex & all the kiddies.

  9. Happy moving day. Exciting day for Steve and Bex and their little ones as well as Keera.

  10. I'm so glad things have turned out this good for everyone.

  11. That dining room table has been used many times before and I am sure it will be used many times again. We even use one similar to that on the odd occasion when we aren't moving.

  12. My bedroom Xmas tree is on a box very similar to the dining table just a bit of tiinsel on it. Glad it's going well.

  13. A busy day for you all. Wishing Steve, Bex, Dante, Archer and Keera lots of happy times ahead in their new home.

  14. Great that you didn't experience any traffic hold-ups on the way back. I suspect a lot of the traffic will be on the roads tomorrow. Many people are just finishing work today, so with still having two days until Christmas, there probably isn't the same rush to get away today.

  15. The traffic... I KNOW!!!!! I looked up the traffic and nearly messaged you to say it was fine. I mean, how crazy to have the roads clear. So glad your though :)

  16. Exciting day. I hope everything goes smoothly in the future. I am sure it will. When did you start writing on photos? That's new.

    1. Ha ha! Re: the photos: When I had to use photos off my phone, and remembered today you could do that in editing on ya phone too. Just for a change, nice eh?

  17. I am thrilled for you and Keera I thought this day would never come, I am so pleased Keera Dante Archer will be in a new home together awesome Bex and Steve xx

  18. Glad everything went well. Am sure Keera will love having her cousins to play with every day!!!


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