Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I bought a Christmas Fruit Cake from Pak N Save on Sunday.   Decided to have a piece yesterday and was utterly disgusted!

FRUIT CAKE?  Yeah NAH.  More like dry madeira cake (without the nice taste) ... and a tiny bit of fruit thrown in, and icing that was so miserable it slid off the cake.

ABOVE:  Don't buy a 'Christmas Fruit Cake' from Mill Street Pak N Save, cos this is what you will get!
Of course, you can't see how miserable it really is until you get it home and cut into it.   $22 wasted.

I left a message on their Facebook page last night, but haven't got a reply.  Funny that.

Today's my 'turn' to get up early for Keera, so I will get the washing on and do a bit of housework.

I'm hosting the last card night of the year tonight.  We are doing a 'Secret Santa', so I better find a box to put the gifts in. And make sure I've got something to contribute to the nibbles we always have.

And that's about all I have for now, so catch ya later.


8.45 am:  And I just got a phone call from the man who's fixing my Brother Sewing Machine... it's done!  OMG so quick!!!  And ONLY $46 too.
IF I'd taken it to Sewing Machine World in Hamilton it would have been taken up to Auckland and I wouldn't have seen it again for weeks, AND been charged over $200 no doubt.

I'm thrilled to bits, it's been diabolical trying to sew on the little machine, particularly the larger things like the table runner.  I actually gave up yesterday, it was a nightmare trying to twist the fabric around, doing applique on such a small machine.

So I will be going out shortly to pay the lovely man and bring McDreamy home again.  *smiles*

McDreamy is home and working perfectly.  I've done some more sewing today, watching Keera out the front window on her scooter.

I have heard from Pak N Save, and they are happy to take back their cake and give me my money back.  Great.  I shall do that tomorrow.

So, some good results today.  Right, back to the sewing, I might get my Christmas runner finished in a couple of days!

Card night was here today.  I had 9 ladies arrive to play Scum... much fun was had.  We all provided a Secret Santa gift to exchange ...  so that was neat too.  Lots of laughs and good company.  

It's now 11 pm and I'm going to chill out for a while before going to bed.


  1. Take it back, they will refund your money. It is a cake sure, but not a Christmas fruit cake. I always take stuff back - even if you just keep the photo and receipt they should still refund you. $21 for that is a rip off.

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I bought a small cake from Couplands Bakery and it was (note the was!) really nice. Marzipan and royal icing and lots of fruit in the real fruit cake. I thought it was expensive but compared to yours from Pak n Save, it was a bargain. Agree with Lynda, take it back and ask for a refund. Audrey

  3. WTF? $22 for that?..... Yes, I'd take it back, can't hurt. We have them on this side of the water for about $6 tops. Christy xxx

  4. That cake was a rip off.
    The sewing machine fix was a bargain.

  5. I'd take the cake back. That's false advertising and the price is OTT!

  6. Guess that what they call "light fruit cake" but in my day it was called "fruit luncheon"

  7. That's one terrible excuse of a fruitcake, good to hear they are going to give you your money back.

  8. yucky! I wonder if that's the same Pak N Save chain we had here. It got bought out by Safeway.

  9. Best fruit cake ever LIONS ROUND TABLE FRUIT CAKE delicious....


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