Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I'm hoping like hell today is much quieter than yesterday!   Everyone is tired.  Archer has not been feeling well for a couple of days, probably the mild tummy bug that's doing the rounds.

So, a quiet day would be good for him.

If the shops are open, we can return our new Soda Stream bottles.  They have an expired 'use by date' on them!  We only bought them the day before Christmas.  A bit slack if you ask me.

Luckily I still had the receipt!  

ABOVE:  The 4 big kids last night.  Ange's two :  Kaleb and Taylor and our two: Brylee and Griffin.  They are all lovely kids.

As you can see, Kaleb and Griffin are the same height (like TALL), and they are both younger than their sisters.  

My plans for the day are to potter around doing housework!  The house is a tip.
I am ITCHING to put away all the Christmas decorations and tree!  I know it's only Boxing Day, but I'm a bit OCD when it comes to how things look in the house!  Christmas is over as far as I'm concerned!

But maybe I will wait a few days, let the kids enjoy them a bit longer.


3.26 pm:  And has it been quieter?  Yeah NAH! lol

What with Dante, Archer and Keera here, then visitors one after the other, it's not been quiet at all!

Steve and Bex DID take their 3 kids out for a few hours late morning ... visiting friends in Hamilton... but while they were gone we had an Uncle and Aunt of mine call in.  That was lovely, it's always nice to see family.

Then after they left we had more family arrive, Martyn and Jacqui and their two kids, Joel and Sophia.

So it's been just lovely having people in and out all day.

I was very remiss and didn't take photos of our visitors... but I did get a hysterical video of Sophia playing with Denim ... waiting for it to upload, then I can post it.

There was a short 'gap' between visitors, so Stew and I popped out and managed to get our Soda Stream bottles swapped for non-expired ones, and I also bought a smaller trestle table for the sewing room, so I could put one of the bigger ones in the 'Fabric Room'.  Things needed to be re-arranged in the Fabric Room to fit it in, but it still all fits well in there. 

We are now all relaxing before thinking about dinner.   Which will be whatever STEW wants to cook! lol 

4.30 - ish... and I'm on the phone with my Mum who's in Australia.  And some bloke rides up to our front door in high vis greens. ???   

Turns out it's one of my cousins who lives in a little town about 30 kms away!
So we haul him inside for a natter, and while he's here Keera stands on a bee.

OMG talk about SCREAM AND SCREAM!  We bring her inside and leave the 'doctoring' up to the visiting Vet!  Yep, Philip is a vet and he sorted her out for us.  LOL

The poor man left fairly quickly after that... too much noise I bet!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  And that will teach her to stand on a bee DELIBERATELY!  Bet she never does that again.  Seriously, she screamed so loudly and badly, and hobbled like she had broken her ankle, we were sure she had!  Thank god it WAS only a bee sting.

The video of Sophia and Denim didn't record!  My card was full... so I had to do another one with Archer instead.

Time to wind up for the day...


  1. Merry Christmas Chris! Our decorations are going down today, mainly to make room for Mr 3's trainset lol

  2. I'm with you, Chris, I want the decorations down, and we only put them up yesterday morning!!

  3. Thank goodness Keera that you were not allergic to bee stings and guess what? I also got a bee sting today so know exactly what it feels like!!

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM


    Poor Keera bee stings really hurt...lol..


  5. What a lovely pic of Bex and Keera 💕

    Our decorations come down tonight, Master Williams birthday 🎂 tomorrow.

  6. Samuel chased a bee once hovering on mums lavender he was 18 months wobble walking did the bee mumma bee mumma bee mumma BEE BEE BEE MUMMA tears in eyes it stung his finger he tried to catch it 😢

  7. Oh man I've stepped on a few bees and they sure do hurt. I'd never do it on purpose that's for sure!! Lesson learned for that one.


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