Saturday, December 30, 2017


Well... I decided not to torture you all, and make you wait till the 1st of January.

So ... without further ado, my 2nd resolution is to do this:

ABOVE:  Part one:  change my MINDSET.  I am a 'Live to Eat' sort of person.

I am going to turn it around in my mind and philosophy to 'EAT TO LIVE'.  

Part Two:  Get it tattooed on my finger, just like that demo above. 

I have to wait till the 4th of January to book my tattoo in Hamilton, but that's fine.  As long as I start my new way of thinking NOW.

So... what do you think?  Was my revelation worth waiting for?  A good idea?  
The tattoo is going to be a permanent reminder and inspiration to keep on track, both with my diet and exercise, and with my positive thinking.

I'm NOT going to exercise so I can then eat a bloody donut!   I'm doing it for my health, full stop, end of story.  Oh and let's not forget, it's actually FUN when you do it with friends.

Thanks Fat Bottomed Girls!  I love my walking girlfriends. ⇨ ➜➦➨➽

Today I am sewing... as I want to do the February Trash and Treasure Market here in Cambridge.  So, I have 6 weeks to make as much as possible so I have something to sell!

And that is all for now... looking forward to reading what you think of my New Year's Resolution.


Spotlight have a huge sale on, so later on we are going into Hamilton.  Griffin needs to pick something up or order something from EB Games... so killing two birds with one trip.

Weird.  I say I am drinking WATER... and just a few of you comment on it? I don't get that at all.  Like... I HAVE NOT DRUNK WATER IN ALMOST 25 YEARS... and everyone knows it.  It is a HUGE thing for me to be doing.  *sigh*
Feeling ... I dunno... a bit confused?  I really thought you guys would be gobsmacked I was drinking water!

But, moving on.  I'm cutting fabric out for mug rugs.  Then I will start sewing them up.  Now that I'm not doing 'binding' edging, it's so much quicker and easier to make them.  I've chosen an assortment of fabrics, hopefully they will appeal to a wide variety of people.  I will show you some once I've made them.

LYNDA:  Thank you for your suggestions.  BUT... I will not be testing my blood for reactions to foods.  My doctor has not asked me to test my blood with a testing kit, nor has she supplied me with one, so clearly she doesn't think I need to.

As for the best place to prick your finger... well that is purely an individual thing.  I find it painful where ever Stew pricks me, on the rare occasion I have asked him to do it.

Nicole... you have a grubby mind!  lol

So, we went into Hamilton and I bought some wadding for 30% off, which was nice.

Then we had lunch at The Base, did a bit of shopping and came home.

I lay in the sun for a little while, then showered and have just sat down to relax before thinking about dinner.  Now that we don't have a wee 5 year old to factor into our lives, we can eat later, which I'm enjoying.

So an enjoyable evening cutting out fabric and watching some tv.  Stinking hot as per usual... constantly turning the fan on and off.

Heading off to bed shortly.


  1. Great resolution. Can I also suggest that if you are not scared to get a tattoo on your finger, you shouldn't be scared of the odd pin prick to test the effect foods have on your blood sugar. It's a fantastic indicator to know what food is really doing to you. Good luck :)

    1. Totally different sort of 'prick'.

    2. Gotta love you Lynda, I admire your dedication to your choices! I have enjoyed looking online at the sites you have recommended. My New Years resolution is to eat less rubbish carbs (uggh so hard) and to up my veges and protein. Christy x

    3. But there is no pain if you prick the side of your finger, not the tip. Using a sharp lancet right up near the nail on the side. I find my middle finger on my left hand to be the least pain of all for some reason.

    4. Great, I didn't realise you were not needing to do this :) Great job on the water too - I know how massive this is for you.

    5. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Lynda, I test my blood with a diabetic testing kit to monitor my blood sugar levels. I know that when my sugar is high, I've eaten too much crap. I know that my sugar level needs to be under 100 at the very least every morning before eating. It is now regularly in the 72 range when it used to be over 100 so I know I've made progress. I think it is a great way to 'see' what is going on, on the inside :)

      Chris, good job on drinking more water! I will be SO glad when the holidays are over .... there is too much temptation all around with extra food and junk that shouldn't be eaten. Can't wait for school and work schedules to return so that I can get back on my exercise routine and continue to drop pounds. Happy New Year to you and all the best in your efforts to get healthier.

      Sandy in the USA

  2. Love it, what a cool idea 😀

  3. Great resolution Chris, you obviously are serious if you are prepared to do a permanent tattoo!! I asked you once before, why don't you do more of your cards? They were beautiful. I'm sure you could sell a ton of them!

    1. I am going to try it Janice! I have a few left from my last card making effort, so will take them and see how it goes.

  4. Haha I guessed it get a tattoo yes!!!

    1. THIRTY TWO COMMENTS!!!!!! OMG Sharon, how long did it take you to read all those posts? well done and thanks!

  5. AGES!!!!! But I enjoyed it and being a heavy drinker of water I AM AMAZED you did it I like mine ice cold au natural or heavy laced with lemon slices,lime slices.... 3 is a perfect amount.... To start with

  6. Anonymous11:59 AM

    For some reason I'm not able to log in to my account to comment. But I am so thrilled for you taking the water drinking I know how much u dislike water. Give it a few more days and it will be your go too drink of choice. Well done!! How much more of an impact on the scales has it made and your swelling Happy new year Chris and families. Felicity xxx

  7. Are you enjoying the water just a little bit??? It will soon become a habit & you will feel better for it 😀. It is a great resolution, especially since you haven’t drunk water for so long ❤️

  8. Anonymous2:40 PM


    Fantastic on the water 25 years !!!! lol...


  9. It annoys me so much that I can't comment unless I get on a computer! I read every day on my phone.
    I am proud of you for drinking water! As for the increased weeing...that is a normal amount to wee, you have had 25 years of dehydration!
    So what other changes will you make to your diet this year?

  10. So, the water thing. I am EXACTLY the same as you. I do not, have now, and most likely will not, drink water. I have no idea why. So - when you start drinking water, I feel like hiding my face in shame (not commenting). Guilty conscience on my part. Smiles! Perhaps there are other guilty "non-water drinkers" out there too..... Who knows. You know, we secretly LIKE other people to share our bad habits! But, putting all selfishness aside..... good job. It's hard to do. It seems like drinking water is the most basic thing in the world, yet it is truly very hard!

  11. I didn’t realise you didn’t drink water before, I just thought you were upping your intake, so yes that is very worthy of a coment! Awesome work :) I also had to giggle at the last line of your blog about Stew and the prick..... if I didn’t know you were talking in the context of a needle it could sound really naughty lol ..... I love the idea of the tattoo and they are indeed great words to live by. 2018 is going to be a great year for you x

  12. Fantastic idea Chris... i think the tattoo will be great motivation! Fantastic news on the water front xx

  13. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Well done with the water .... I didn't realise you never drank it either. I assumed you were just drinking more. Love the tattoo ... Had a giggle that you are giving bad eating habits "the finger" every time you look at it 😄 Michelle from Oz

  14. Gosh Chris, 25 years? I guess I didn’t realize that you didn’t drink any water. Water is so good for you. I’m glad you’ve found a way to drink it that you like. Yes, Diet Coke does rock and I break down and have one every six months or so. Haha! Seriously! It’s poison!

  15. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Cool resolution getting that tattoo! I also read every day but just quickly on my phone, and the last couple of times I've tried to comment it hasn't worked properly. Regarding the water, I don't even know what word to use to describe how great it is that you're drinking it, but amazing work. Cheers, Katrina, Aus

  16. Lol I look super innocent but come out with some suspect comments at times 😂

  17. Oh that was something I was going to comment on and forgot. Do people not have ceiling fans there? We have them in almost every room and it really helps to feel cooler when it's so hot.

    Are you using the soda stream to add carbonation to the water?

  18. hahaha I was gobsmacked at you drinking water - got distracted trying to work out your other new years resolution LOL!!! Yeah, I drink 3 - 4 litres of water each day & pretty much pee on the hour til I go to bed & sometimes pee once during the night (but not always). I run a lot so sweat a lot of it out. Love the new years resolution :-)


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