Monday, February 20, 2017


I can change my mind eh?

Like... totally go back on something I said just last week!

I can't HELP it.  I saw some super cute things at Ribbon Rose yesterday, and I just have to make them!  NOW. 

 ABOVE:  I got some Steam a Seam, more handy clips (I use them instead of pins), some wool for felting, and those two adorable patterns.

ABOVE:  I got these 4 fabrics to make giraffes with!  I mean... I couldn't resist!  They had a giraffe made up in the shop and it looked so ADORABLE!  I must make some!

And the teddy too.  So, so cute.

Sooooo.... this means UFO's are once again... going on the back burner.  Oh Dear.  😆😉

It's patchwork group this morning, so I'm going to take along the paper pattern, and copy it onto card, then read the pattern and suss it out.  I'm not that crash hot at following patterns, so it might take a bit of working out!

Before I head out to Patchwork Group, I am going to ring the Vet and get Tallulah an appointment.  She stinks.  I mean, really stinks.  I think she's got an ear infection, or something like that.  She's just super smelly for NO apparent reason.  

But, she's been scratching her ear, so maybe that's the problem? We will find out.


ABOVE:  Amazing 'breaking wave' clouds over Palmerston North this morning!  Wish I'd been there to see that.

Tallulah sees the Vet this afternoon... so all going well she should be sorted out soon.

12.34 pm:  And I'm home from patchwork.  I got the paper pattern transferred onto card, next step is to cut out the fabric.  Exciting!

Everything is growing like CRAZY in the garden!  You'd think it was Spring...

 ABOVE:  I'm not a huge fan of camellia's, but this one smells lovely.

 ABOVE: It's been so wet, we have fungus/toadstools growing!  
Also, plenty of winter fruit coming along too.

 ABOVE:  I may only have a small vege patch, but it's plentiful!  My rhubarb plants survived being transferred to this little planter box.

 ABOVE: This native plant had a baby.  I wonder if I can move the baby to another area?  

ABOVE:  this tree amazes me!  It's tripled in size since I bought it... and that was only a few months ago!  

And that's all for now.  It's like a sauna again today, the only relief I can get from the constant heat is to sit in front of a fan.  

One of my new blog readers (Janice) told another blogger about me and my blog a few days ago.
So, Sue W left me a comment saying 'Hi', and I did the same back.  Then she told another blogger friend of her's, also named Sue, and we got in touch too.

And today, Sue # 2 popped in to say 'Hi' in person!

We got on like a house on fire, and have organised to have lunch on Friday, here at a new pub... both Sue's and me.  And according to Sue # 2, I have to be called 'Sue' too!  lol

I don't know how that will work out...

but anyway, here's the two Sue's:

ABOVE: Sue # 2 is a Hamiltonian and SueW is an import from England.   I am really looking forward to seeing them both on Friday.  *smiles*

Thanks for getting in touch girls, and thanks Janice for starting the ball rolling.  (((hugs)))

I took Tallulah to the Vet.  As I suspected, she has an ear infection.  So now we have ear cleaner, ointment, steroids and eye drops for her.  All going well, she should be feeling much better in about a week.

In half an hour I am out again, this time to Weight Watchers.  I will be returning the 'Magic Tracker' and starting to use my own tracker.
It certainly does help tracking everything that goes in your gob!
I am expecting a loss of around a kilo, maybe a bit more?

DRUM ROLL.... and I lost 2.1 kgs this week.
Happy with that!  Now to do it again next week.... but maybe not 2 kgs again.  I'm going to aim for 1 kg.

I've now lost 8 kilos since I started WW again.  Slow.   But still on a downward slope.  

And on that happy note, I'm off to enjoy a quiet evening.


  1. Oh those giraffes will be so cute!

  2. Love love love those fabrics. Perfect for a giraffe Chris. How big is he?

  3. Love the animal patterns and the fabric you have chosen is perfect. Those clouds are amazing.

  4. Giraffe beautiful I get some of my card making things from memory craft which is a part ofjribbon rose. Amazing place in sure it would be fantastic to go to in person.

  5. I think it's perfectly acceptable to buy what you did, after all how could anyone walk away from those fabrics!! Thanks for popping by ;-D I did leave a reply there but in case you don't see it, check out the other Sues blog, You can call me Sue, but be warned she's a seasoned op shopper ;-D Like the idea of a meet up....I was going to suggest an op shop trip lol ;)

    1. And whilst I was typing this you were meeting Sue! How cool is that! And I understand we have a lunch date! Can't wait :D

    2. I know, too funny! I am really looking forward to meeting you on Friday, and the three of us having a blast.

    3. Just hang on to yer butt that's all I can say :D

  6. I love the giraffe and teddy patterns and the fabrics look perfect for them. Those clouds look amazing, I've never seen anything like them. Glad to see you and Sue have made a connection, I thought you would get on well!

    1. Thanks for the intro! So when are you coming for a play!! :D

  7. Wow - your plants look Amazing! You are perfectly entitled to change your little female mind-that is what we have them for , isn't it??? LOL The clouds don't even look like they could be real- more pure magic for us to enjoy.Can't wait to see your new critters!

  8. I can't believe how healthy and prolific your garden is! I guess Minnesota is not the best place for growing tomatoes, unfortunately. How is smelly dog? It does sound like an ear infection - my dogs have had plenty and it is a stinky illness.

    1. Ear infection as suspected. Now got a regime of medications to take, and I I hope she will be less stinky and have no irritation in about a week.

    2. The meds will probably make her feel better a lot sooner than a week. But , of course, finish the dose. So - what do you think of this new continent "Zealandia" that you live on? That's kind of exciting!

    3. My dog, Buddy, used to get ear infections. Man - he would hold a grudge. He wanted nothing to do with me after putting those drops in. Silly dog. You could see him across the room giving me the evil eye and seeing if I had the medicine bottle or not. What a clown! Other dogs, don't give a hoot - you can squirt their ears and move on like nothing ever happened.

  9. so nice to have made some new friends!!... I need to do that too right now. But I love my darling friend Penny I met through your/my blog. Hi Penny!!!!

  10. WOW what a newsy post! Hi, Sues!! :)

  11. That's great Chris - well done on your weight loss. Life in Cambridge is good :)

  12. Well done on the weight loss !

  13. Congratulations on your loss Chris! :)

  14. Great job Chris! Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful time with your new friends.

  15. Can't wait to see that finished giraffe!

  16. Look out Cambridge on Friday when all the Sues are in town, photographic evidence of the meet will no doubt end up on my blog! Loved meeting you, like I had known you forever. Maybe in a previous life huh!!

  17. Ha I have 2 friends Sues as well and yes I get called Sue lol. Awesome tracking and awesome losses x


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