Saturday, February 25, 2017


I can't remember just how long I've had my Canon camera, but there has been one thing really bugging me about it.

I couldn't work out how to use the bloody remote control!

The instructions said I had to remove the eye viewer part on the camera, and cover it with that little rectangular piece ... but didn't actually say HOW to do it!

So, because I didn't want to break it, I kept putting it off.  I could have gone into a camera shop and asked... but never did.  Kept forgetting.  Derrr.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I nearly dropped the camera, and grabbed it awkwardly, and BOOM! The eye viewer piece came off in my hand.  

OH!  So THAT'S how it comes off!

So last night, I decided to give the remote a go.

I really didn't expect it to work to be honest... but it did!

So now I can be in every family photo if I so wish... cos I can take the photo with the remote control. 

I am rapt.  Of course, I took a few photos last night, just to give it a go:

 ABOVE:  Not the best shots I must admit, but I was just playing around.  

Another funny story from yesterday's lunch:

We are sitting at our table, ordering our lunch from the waitress (a lovely girl), and she (the waitress) commented on how lovely my nail polish was.

To which I promptly said "Oh wait till you see this" ... and I reached over and dunked my finger in Sue # 2's glass of water!

Sue looked horrified, the waitress laughed her head off and I showed them what happens when I put my warm finger in a cold glass of water... my nail polish went from pale blue to purple.  COLOUR CHANGE NAIL POLISH, of course.

None of them had seen it before, and were rather impressed.  Not to mention thinking it was hysterical that I would plonk my finger into Sue's drink!  lol

Luckily Sue didn't mind. ha ha ha 😉

ABOVE: Another nice photo of the Sue's and me from yesterday.

Well... today.  Not sure what we are getting up to... but I hope to get back to that little giraffe at some point.


So I woke this morning with one thing on my mind.  Find my camera tripod, so I can use it for taking photos using the remote.  

I knew I'd seen it recently, and I knew I had moved it to a place that wasn't 'the normal' place.  So I started hunting for it.

But do you think I could find the bloody thing?  I hunted for about an hour, then gave up.  

Then Stew decided to have a go at finding it, after I told him I was kinda thinking it was in the garage.  And my darling found it fairly quickly.

 ABOVE:  We spent some time remembering how to work it...

ABOVE:  And see that little lever?  I had NEVER figured out what it did... and Stew worked it out just like that!  MEN!  At least he didn't rub it in.

So now I've got my tripod all sorted, my remote all sorted... and ready to go!  Excited for all the 'selfies' I can now take!  No more having to be behind the camera for all family events.

Keera's glasses have arrived, so we are popping into Hamilton to pick them up and have them fitted.  I wonder if Keera will notice how much better her vision is with them on?

ABOVE: And the excitement of wearing glasses wore off in about ....   10 minutes.  But she will adjust I'm sure.  
She can be a really cranky kid and stubborn, so it might be a battle for a while.  

Well little Miss Muppet came right after her lunch and seemed to be just fine wearing her glasses for the rest of the day.

We  had a quiet afternoon/evening.  Stew got the lawns mown and I did bugger all really.  It was JUST. TOO. HOT.

And that is it for the day.  I'm going to watch Coronation Street then go to bed.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    oh Keera xx

  2. My daughter has been wearing that changing nailpolish and I think it is neat.

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Chris your such a sweet Grandma, you can tell how much little Keera loves you both, Jo

  4. glasses can be a hassle for a kid -- Corby's been wearing his since he turned 2, and he's now 6 1/2. He's fine with it, but he's really known nothing else. He has a soft foam strap that goes around the back of his head (and attaches to each arm) it means he can throw himself around and charge around the place without worrying they'll fall off. Also, when Keera starts school they might need to be tightened as she will be looking down at her work/desk for most of the day and they might keep slipping off her nose. Yes..... all these little things one would never think of!! Although Corby's were too tight at first and he was getting a headache, so it's a very fine balance!!! She does look super cute though xxxxx

  5. Hhhhhhhmmmmmm wonder where miss Keera would get her stubbornness and crank nature from hehe

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      FROM ME AND NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT HEHE, love you to the end of the world and back miss Muppet xxx

  6. Wow what a filthy look from Keera. Here glasses look cool !

  7. I can see some nice family pictures coming up now that you've figured out the remote and tripod. Love Keeras glasses!

  8. Chris you always look so tanned. Ohhh Lordy tripod remote photos galore then make a nice change xx smiles


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