Sunday, February 19, 2017


Too funny.

Yesterday our television reception was interrupted by stormy weather.

And I glanced over at Keera, who was moaning about losing her TV programme:

ABOVE: How cute does she look?  *smiles*
She didn't really understand WHY the tv was not working.  Those drooping shoulders.  Awwww.

Today we are planning on going for a little drive. 
We want to get out of the house, even though the weather is supposed to be ikk.

So... until we get back, have an awesome day.


SHOPPING.... Oh how I've missed you... SYLVIA PARK!

HOME AGAIN.  Did ya miss me?
I hope so.... even though it's very quiet on the weekends.

So, we went to Auckland for the day.  When we left it was pissing down with rain, but once we got to Auckland the day was lovely and fine again.

It was like walking around in a sauna though.

We went straight to Steve and Bex's home, and spent a couple of happy hours with them... had lunch then left for the mall.

 ABOVE:  The kids enjoying Teriyaki Chicken on rice for lunch.
I asked Dante to smile... that is what I got!  Silly kid.

After lunch we left Keera with them and took off for the mall and Ribbon Rose.

ABOVE:  A lovely outfit for Keera to wear in winter.  We also got the boys some clothes from the new H & M store in Sylvia Park.  It's quite a good shop, lots of variety and a decent price.

I spent about half an hour at Ribbon Rose, and ended up buying a few things.  I will show you what... tomorrow.  Gotta leave something to show tomorrow eh?  lol

After shopping, we swung by Steve and Bex's to pick up Keera, then headed for home.
But not before having a look at how the 'new' school is coming on in our old suburb.

 ABOVE:  Remember, it was torn down about 3 years ago because the entire school was a 'leaky building'?  
It's costing over $24 MILLION to re-build the whole school!

It will be interesting to go back in a few months and see it completely new.

Our drive home was good, no traffic to speak of at all.

Stew did a quick dinner for everyone, just sausages/baked beans/spagetti on toast.  I didn't have any toast.  I stayed within my points allocation today, rather happy with that.

I took my own lunch with me so I wasn't tempted to eat anything I shouldn't.

It's getting easier to resist stuff I shouldn't be eating.  

Winding down for the evening now, watching a new mini series called 'One of Us'.  


  1. Aww so precious! She must make your heart smile Chris.

  2. So cute bless her.

  3. Discovered your blog via my mate Sue W, my partner in crime on SuesDays out. I think we would all get on famously, similar passions. Lovely blog bu the way!!

  4. Love lithe outfit for little Miss Keera

  5. Dante Archer and Keera so cute. When I'm in Akld I venture to Slyvia park love it lots. And the markets


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