Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Today I am going to be sewing.
I want to get a few little mug rugs bound, ready for hand stitching.  I will do the hand stitching at Monday night patchwork group.

I was going to knit socks at the meeting, but I suck at round needles!  Can't figure them out at all.  And I watched some Youtube tutorials and it looks too damn complicated for me to bother with.

I'd much rather sew...

ABOVE: These are the mug rugs I shall put binding on today.
I've had them sewn to this point for, OH... about 4 years!

ABOVE: This beautiful tablecloth was made by my maternal Grandmother, and given to my Mother.  My Mum wants it to be used on the 'cake table' for her 80th Birthday.

ABOVE:  I want to get her birthday cake made, and have this flower design on the top of it, and maybe a bit on the sides too.  I want the cake to be round, and have it fit on top of the inner circle of the tablecloth.

Good idea?  Well... I think it is!  Exciting.  I've contacted a cake maker in Hamilton, hopefully I hear back from her soon.

Once that is organised, I can relax a bit.  Most of the other party details will fall into place fairly easily.


9.55 am: Spent the last 1.5 hours in front of the computer.... talking to the cake maker and sorting out invitations etc for the party.
I'm not even DRESSED properly yet!  Ain't made me bed, got any washing on... sheesh!

Going to get moving ... it's a lovely day for getting some jobs done.  Not too hot, overcast with a slight breeze.

3.50 pm:  LOL... went down the road to get lunch money for the kids, got Keera, fed her, then we both had a nap!  Just woke up!  It feels like I've done NOTHING all day!  
Seriously, I feel revolting now.  Naps are not good for you!

Now I have to wait till the hot flush from hell is over before I can do anything. God when are they going to stop ffs?

Well an utterly so-so day really!
Got no sewing done AGAIN.

Off to bed.


  1. Your mug rugs looks so happy and bright - they make me smile if you know what I mean? And I recognise some of the materials, have them in my stash (or used up previously) :) A happy pic to start a so far overcast day up here in the Far North, chances are we get another beautiful & hot summer day though rain (finally!) forecast for tomorrow... Have a noce day, Chris!

  2. my maternal grandmother had those embroidered tablecloths too, which have been passed on to me. I don't use them, but I could never bare to part with them. I know you like the floral decoration as it's your favourite shade of blue!!! xxx

  3. I love the mug rugs, they look so whimsical. The tablecloth is so pretty and the cake will look beautiful on there.

  4. Awesome that you are organising an 80th for your Mum's birthday. I'm busy organising a line dancing hoedown AND a family dinner for my Mum's 70th next month - tiring (and expensive) work!! I'm counting the days until it is all over.

  5. Love your mug rugs - they are Neat-O-Peachy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am glad you mentioned the cake - just remembered to order one for Siobhan's birthday tomorrow, she has been harping on about wanting a red velvet cake for ages and I didn't get her one last year so I have had 12 months of her bitching about it :-)

    1. OOOO Red Velvet... mega yum!


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