Thursday, February 16, 2017


I couldn't think of anything to blog about today at all... so I asked Stew.
He said why didn't I work on a UFO and blog about that?

So that's what I'm doing.

I started making this cloth for the BBQ table before Christmas:

ABOVE: I was doing really well with it, then Christmas happened and it got shelved.

So, I'm not going to use it as a tablecloth now, I've decided to make it bigger and have it as a quilt or quilted duvet cover.  Maybe for Griffin's bed?
It's certainly 'boyish' enough.

So today I will work on adding extra length to it, and then add borders to make it fit his bed.

I don't have much of the matching fabrics left, so will just have to work with what I've got.

Keera only has half a day at kindy today, so I will try and get as much done as possible before she gets home.  

I'm doing well with the tracking ... having the 'accountable' Magic Tracker sure is helping!



Ha ha! On my way back from dropping the kids off at school/kindy I decided to go to Aqua Fit again.
So I got in me togs and was about to head out the door when I spied all the bloody envelopes and invitations for my Mum's 80th Birthday sitting on the dining table.

DAMMIT!  Dammit...   I took me togs off (and put clothes on.. and yes, I needed to clarify that, before some twat suggested I was naked!), and proceeded to start putting them in envelopes and addressing them all.

What a shit job!  It's taken me 3 full hours to get 60 invites done, and I've run outta invites and I need half a dozen more.  HALF. A. DOZEN.  I will print them out on me computer, stuff going into town for just 6 invites to be printed out.  *sigh*

So funny, as I'm about to head out to post said invites, and me Mum rings.  We yak some, and she adds two more names to the list.  So now I need 8 more invites. 

And I've run out  of time, and will have to post them after I pick up Keera now.  Maybe once the big kids are home and can watch her for me.

I don't want to drag her into town, it's RAINING.  Like ... rain all day so far! BLISS

I hope it's raining down in Christchurch, those poor buggers are battling an out of control fire on the outskirts of the city.  Homes have been lost,  hundreds evacuated and people must be so scared. 
I just read the news and no, they haven't had any rain, and the fires burn on.

Hit a bit of a low this afternoon... so just sat and did some hand sewing.  I also put a comfy lazy boy in my sewing room, so I can sit in it and watch TV in comfort ... and do the hand sewing in there now.  

Stew is home, and has gone to get some fish n chips for dinner.  Gotta have one night off a week from cooking!

Just finished getting the last of the invites into envelopes and addressed.  I managed to track down the last 3 people on my list thanks to Facebook!
Gotta love that FB sometimes.  

Bloody tired, off to bed soon.


  1. Glad you're finding the tracker a help!

  2. I like the motto about eating an apple.

    If only I would do that!

  3. I love it!! It looks sort of a country American look with all the colours. :)

  4. I think Stew had a wonderful idea- it does look very masculine . It is very pretty.

  5. I'm feeling BERY righteous at the moment I'm eating my snack I bought with me for after the pool almond and a banana just hope my halo doesn't slip and strangle me. Hope it last. Lost a kilo this week. But sadly that's only of the 30 I gained

  6. Well done on tackling the invites - I know what a big job that is, having just sent a heap out for my Mum's upcoming 70th. She's having a linedancing hoedown (expecting 100+ people) PLUS a family/close friends dinner (approx 40 people).

    We would LOVE some rain here in Christchurch please - so feel free to send it down pronto - I'm sure a lot of people will thank you for it. My vet has lost her house to the fires, as has one of my old school friends. So sad ... and very scary when you see how close it is to so many houses.

  7. I think that will make a lovely quilt. Pictures please when you get it done.

  8. No rain here but at least the wind has died down ! Christchurch must have really pissed of Mother Nature ...

    1. I KNOW! that place never cops a break. Seriously!

  9. I am just making your Stay Open Bag. Straps will be done tomorrow. I have used scraps of batting from my quilts and the main fabric was reduced from Spotlight a couple of years ago so it's working out really cheap

    1. email me a photo of it when it's finished please!

    2. Will do Chris, straps and top stitching to do and hopefully the dowel I have is the right size !

  10. Your craft sewing and arty ways always astound me and that sewing room your haven. Glad the tracking is helping....


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