Monday, February 27, 2017


I didn't get around to telling you about something that I was given yesterday did I?

My Aunt and Uncle (Richard and Muriel), are into bike riding in a big way.
They ride all the time, miles and miles at a time.

They got new bikes a while ago, electric bikes in fact.  And they had Muriel's old bike just sitting in the garage, so they gave it to me.

ABOVE:  When we got home yesterday afternoon, I went on a little ride up the road and back a couple of times.  I didn't fall off... but only just!
It will take me a while to get my confidence back, but once I do I plan on going riding on the bike trail that heads out to Lake Karapiro.

It's an excellent bike trail... off road, wide concrete path, all flat.  Just my sort of trail.

I'm really looking forward to it.

*** (Check out yesterday's post if you missed it, there's lots of photos)

 ABOVE:  A lovely quilt that Muriel has made.  She put prairie points around the edge instead of binding, and it looks neat!

 ABOVE:  Muriel's sewing room, which used to be their pool/games room.  I can only dream of having such an awesome room!  
She has an embroidery machine in the cupboard too.  I'm not sure if I aspire to having one of those, or not.

 ABOVE:  I DO aspire to have one of those plastic mats for under my chair though.  It's a right fag trying to move my chair on carpet, particularly when I'm sitting on it.
I will try and find one today or tomorrow.  

ABOVE:  These two girls didn't get much of a show yesterday, so I will post them again... cos they are just so cute.

Now, today?
I'm going into Hamilton, meeting up with Sue 2, then we are both going out to Sue W's home for morning tea/lunch?  Not sure which!
It is SUE W's birthday TODAY.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE, I hope ya have an awesome day.  

See you later even!


My day so far:

Kids to school, home, did some housework.
Then into Hamilton.
Went straight to Sue 2's home and spent a little while nattering... and having a look around her garden.
Bugger!  Didn't take photos... but will next time.  Her garden is lovely. She has CHOOKS!!!
But she keeps them confined, so is a 'good' chooky owner.

ABOVE:  Two of Sue's critters, Sheba the lab/collie cross and the kitten Toebee.  They were playing together, hard to get a photo!

Toebee is thus named as he?she? has big 'thumbs' on each paw!  Sue 2 also has an older Bichon Friese named Oscar.

So, after our natter, Sue 2 took me to Habitat for Humanity Op Shop (evil woman), and I found 2 tops for me:

ABOVE:  I can see that going to Op Shops is going to be a big part of my 'outings' with the Sue's!

So, after that we drove out to Sue W's home, which is out in the country... down a gravel road even! Totally in the wop wops!

Sue W also has two dogs:

ABOVE: Ava is a very young Huntaway, and she's mad.  She loves people, and wants to crawl all over them, sit in their lap, wrap herself around their neck while sitting on their neck... and she did ALL OF THAT to me! 
She was delightful.    Max was more reserved.

 ABOVE:  a funky stone garden/seat in Sue W's garden.

 ABOVE:  A dove cote.  But no doves.  It's lovely though.

Shame I couldn't have stayed longer, but I had to get home in time to pick up Keera from Kindy.

So we headed back to Hamilton, and I got in me car and got back JUST in time to pick Miss Muppet up!

ABOVE:  Tallulah and Coco having a right sniff ... they could smell all those dogs on me!  I knew they would.

The delightful Sue 2 just sent me some photos she took today... I will post them tomorrow.  There's quite enough on here already!

Wound down for the day... been watching some mindless TV.  Off to bed now.


  1. I have one of those chair mats at work - we got mine from Office Products Depot (OPD). Have a lovely day.

  2. What a wonderful treat! I have tried all my life to ride a bike but my balance is just too poor. So, I really envy you that talent. Your Aunt's sewing room is really nice. Talent must run in your family.

  3. Wow love Muriel's quilt and her sewing room. Home sick today so catching up on blogs etc. have a wonderful day with the 2 Sues!

  4. Warehouse stationery also sell the chairmats

  5. What a lovely day 😀

  6. Great to see you today and thank you for my pressie! xx

  7. Ha ha now you know how my bike riding goes! The dove house is cool, chooks how your free range chooks are they behaving?


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