Sunday, February 05, 2017


I LOVE the new garden edging!  It's going to be SO GOOD knowing the damn bark is going to stay on the gardens now!
Even if those bloody chickens come in, I don't think they will be raking the bark off now.

It annoys the hell outta me that we had to spend HUNDREDS of dollars to keep the chickens from messing up our yard.  *sigh*
Moving on...

 ABOVE: Look good eh?  Stew toiled for hours getting it done yesterday.  Today he is doing the lawns. Poor man never gets a rest!

ABOVE:  I finally got my bedroom set finished late last night.  Hand sewing all that binding on took me hours.

Apart from gardening, we don't have any firm plans for the day.  Probably just relax and spend the day with the family.
Might be a bit boring for readers... sorry!



That's what we have in THIS house.

 ABOVE: Steve built the screen at the end of the deck yesterday, and put two fences/gates at either side of the house.  Today...

 ABOVE:  He's putting a fence across the back boundary.  There is a VERY STEEP drop down to a gully below... a very long way down!  The house owners have an almost 1 year old, so it had to be made safe for her.

ABOVE: The three imps.  Keera is hiding cos she didn't want a photo with Archer, so is Dante... though I think he's picking his nose!  Archer is just happy to be up there with them.  Keera and Dante play together all the time and try to ignore Archer.  Poor kid.  I think S & B need to make a playmate for him!  πŸ˜›πŸ˜„

You know what that means.

4 kilos of mince meat, 2.5 kilos of sausage meat, 12 eggs........ what did I just make? 

YEP... MEATLOAF!  Two big ones and one small one.  Any leftovers, and there should be some... will be used for lunch tomorrow.  

Well I don't know why, but tonight's meatloaf wasn't quite like my usual ones.  Might be different mince or sausage meat?  Not sure, but it wasn't quite a good as usual.
But still nice.

The family is watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie... it's PAINFULLY naff.

Off to bed soon... it's so HOT and muggy I can't get comfortable at all.


  1. We all need a drink of Pepsi, Chris!

  2. Looks beautiful. Just relax and enjoy your family. Weekends like this I miss my family. Yes, I do have a daughter in NZ but they're too busy with wealthy relatives!

    1. That's sad. We are so lucky to have some that do value our company.

  3. Did you just make some meat loaves?

    Love the photos - your house and garden is looking awesome!

  4. A lot of scotch eggs or meatloaf with boiled eggs in the middle!

  5. Your famous meatloaf

  6. Can't wait for dinner im hungry just smelling it mmmmmmmm πŸ—πŸžπŸ΄πŸ΄

  7. Anonymous7:04 PM

    fack off first....get your greezy mitz off my meat �� lol

  8. The garden looks great!


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