Friday, February 17, 2017


Today I'm off to post all the party invitations... and I have no idea what that is likely to cost!

I've not posted a letter in years!  I've got about 50 within New Zealand, and about 14 overseas.
Something tells me it won't be that cheap!

Never mind, it's not every day your Mum turns 80!

I spent a bit of time moving a few things around in my sewing room yesterday afternoon to accommodate a lazyboy chair...

 ABOVE:  It's weird, but even though I added the chair to the room, I seem to have more room!  

And look! My UFO wall is looking half empty!

 ABOVE:  I finally found somewhere to hang my sewing machine's stitch samples too.
I can now see, at a glance, what each stitch will look like when stitched out on the default setting.  Very handy.

ABOVE:  I love the set up now.  It was Griffin's idea to put 'CHRIS' PARKING ONLY' on the back of my chair.  Funny boy.

Right, I'm off to start the day.


1.36 pm:  And I've had a good morning.  Got all the invites posted, then I had a wander around the local shopping centre.  I was super tempted to buy a couple of pretty things, but resisted the urge.
Keeping the house less cluttered nowadays.  It's hard not succumbing to retail therapy I tell ya!

But, I'm on a mission to be more frugal this year.

In saying that,  I'm picking up the new Blue Fantail post for the garden tomorrow!

But, that should be 'it' for a while at least.

Once I got home I had my lunch, another healthy salad... I'm doing really well with my lunches!
Dinner... is harder. I don't want to be cooking myself a separate meal from the rest of the family, but in reality the family dinners are not that low in calories!

I'm feeding growing kids after all.  

So, tonight we are having mince and bacon pies!  With mashed potato and veges.  My only option is to watch the portion size, and maybe not have the potato.  I love pie, so will be having some.

I will cut back on EVERYTHING else today.  No snacks.  No carbs at lunch... well I already did that 😂.

COLLEEN: I have been using a small plate for lunch, but not dinner.  I think I will hunt out my Britto plate and use that again, as you say, it does work.  

I just dropped an invitation off to one of Mum's old friends who lives here in Cambridge.  I've been meaning to pop in and say 'Hi' to her for months, but well... just never got around to it.

I'm very careful not to impose on people I don't personally know, even if they are friends of my Mum and Dad.

Well, dinner was good, and so it Coronation Street.  *smiles*
I am going to bed soon, I need an early night.


  1. Letters within NZ are $1.00 each to post. Have a good day

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM


    Sounds like a great party ! my mother will be 95 this year...


    1. Wow what an awesome age!

  3. Are you still using your little plate for dinner? That works a treat. All things in moderation. Maybe ditch the potato have a slice of pie and a spoon of veggies :)

  4. Have you thought about doing Bargain Box? You don't have to shop cause they deliver to you. We have been doing it for a while and love it. It really helps with portion control because they supply enough food for 4 so if you need more than what's supplied then you are eating too much. And because it is put together by Nadia Lim who is a nutritionist as well you know it is good for you. You would save lots too cause it is only $130 a week for 5 meals.

  5. Great craft area, so well organised. Have a relaxing weekend.

  6. Hi there, I was sent in your direction by a blogging friend in Canada who reads my blog, I'm in Hamilton, well Whatawhata really, on the way to Raglan, anyhoo, hello. Looking forward to reading more posts. :-D

  7. O Chris, What a beautiful sewing room! I Love the parking sign-it gives it a bit of whimsy and I LOVE whimsy.Anything that makes me smile -always lifts my day, say the mugrugs you shared with me- one is under my cup right now -a pink one (I don't have hot flashes) O , and I use one for my mousepad -it has seashells. I love them so much and think of you every day. Sending you love and hope this party is a blast for everyone.

  8. Griffin has such a neat sense of humour. GreAt idea stitches on view for quick reference. Dinners would be hard in a family setting great idea though smaller plate.


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