Friday, February 03, 2017


Found out yesterday that Lacy's ex-flatmate finally got arrested for his harassment and threats against Lacy.  About bloody time.
Though I don't think the police would have done anything... UNTIL he made an IMPLIED threat against the kids.

OUR kids.  The bastard.  I hope they throw the book at him.

He's out on bail right now, and goes to court on Tuesday.  Let's hope he stops the nastiness now.

Today?  Coco gets groomed.  I will stay in Hamilton till she's done.  I will probably just go to the mall at the Base and have a wander around.

Once I get home again, I'm taking Keera to the Doctors.  Since her last cold, she been coughing... on and off all day, and also at night. Lacy said she had asthma, so we better get on top of it before winter arrives.


Well I've had an interesting day so far.
Coco looks gorgeous after her groom.

TRIED to have a nice morning tea with the girls today.  Ha ha... that didn't work.  No point trying to have face to face discussions with them.  No one wants to be honest... well no one except me.  


Almost time to go pick up Keera.  She who will one day move on too... and where she moves on to, is up to LACY, and no one else.  And that should have NO BEARING on any other relationships WE have either.  Just saying... seeing as that was brought up today... and immediately regretted and fluffed over.  I noticed, I surely did.

ABOVE:  OK... in this photo... maybe.  But on daily basis, I ain't no fool.  Far from it.
I'm actually REALLY, REALLY angry today.  

But... back to CHOOSING HAPPINESS now.  
Ain't gunna let anyone drag me down anymore.
Thank goodness Stew and I are on the same page, through this life of ours.

Doctor visit was interesting.  Keera has the start of an ear infection, so she's got antibiotics to take, as well as two inhalers to help with her coughing.  Fingers crossed we see a reduction in the coughing soon.

I picked up repeat prescriptions for Stew and I, so came out of there poorer by $99!  Thank goodness we only have to get 9 more prescription items (as a family) before our medications are free again till NEXT February.

We had steady drizzle all morning, and now? Stinking hot and humid... makes cooking dinner tiresome.

I'm doing a hearty beef 'n' tomato stew tonight, to have with some lovely fresh breads.  We have a 'silly bugger' dinner most Friday nights.  Something quick and easy.  End of week and all that jazz.

 ABOVE:  Coco in the front, and Tallulah in the back.  I told Tallulah to bugger off, but she didn't listen. Photo hog.

ABOVE: The three girls.

Dinner was lovely, Coronation Street was riveting... time to end the day, off to bed.


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    not quite asthma ya twit but ages ago the doctor did say an enhancer would give her some relief.....

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      *inhaler sorry.....stupid predictive

  2. I doubt he will get the book thrown at him, possibly a piece of paper. Hopefully it will give him enough of a fright so he will pull his head in.

    Hope the Dr gets Keera all sorted.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      this comment is not directed at anyone or ok
      Before any nasty or negative comments come thro about it being up to me (Lacy) as to where my Daughter goes, I do understand that she is where she is because of me and my silly choices and so on in the past, but in saying that, where I decide she is to live I will be making sure my Mum is happy with my decision as I don't want to fu*k things up again.
      I am not on taking sides or intrested in any drama, my Daughters happiness and so on is all I care about.
      thank you

    2. Any and ALL nasty/negative comments will be deleted. DON'T reply to any or your's will be deleted too, so the 'thread' does not continue.

  3. We need Coco pictures fresh from the groomers! Hope Keera is feeling better and the cough is on its way out.

  4. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Precious xx #2

  5. Kerala is an absolute doll!

  6. So glad to see a pic of the pups !


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