Tuesday, February 14, 2017


So yesterday I was about to quit Weight Watchers AGAIN.
I have not been following any sort of 'plan' for 3 weeks and felt like I was just wasting money.

So I rang the 0800 number to cancel my subscription, but ended up talking to some lady on live chat, and she convinced me to give it another month ... and to go to the meeting last night.

Which I did.  And I had gained 2 kilos.  So I felt stink.

At the meeting, the Leader has a 'Magic Tracker' book, that anyone can take home for the following week, to track in and share.
So, I put my hand up last night, and took the damn book home.

I'm going to use it for added motivation, cos next week the leader will check it!

ABOVE:  One lady who had it before me even put pictures of her meals in it, with recipes.  Not a bad idea I must say.
The best thing about it is you can get meal ideas by looking back at what other's have had.

I hope it helps get me back on track, cos I've pissed around for 6 months already!

I've got the SKY technician coming this morning to connect Sky to the TV in my sewing room.  

Then I will be picking Keera up early from Kindy today, she has a vision appointment at OPSM.  She flunked her eye test at Kindy last week.

The Kindy Head Teacher wants me to sign an 'Incident Form' this morning too.  It better not be a retrospective one, dated last week. 

Oh and if you celebrate it... Happy Valentines Day.  


9.03 am:  And the incident report was factual, and honest.  They didn't try to cover up any of the actual facts.
They had  a meeting yesterday afternoon about the 'incident' and have identified the reasons why Keera's accident was not reported, and will be instigating checks and measures so it does not happen again.

I'm happy with that.  The teacher directly involved is new, so I'm sure this has been a lesson learnt.

I'm now fluffing around the house, just like a mother bird feathering her nest... LOL!  
There's not much real housework to do, unless I want to go mad and wash windows or vacum and dust... and I DON'T want to do that!

So, I might just do some reading of healthy meal options, mostly lunches.  I really struggle at lunchtime to find/eat something nice, but healthy.  I usually end up having a sandwich or an instant pasta meal, which ain't that good.

ANON:  Nah, I'm not doing 'therapy'... but thanks for the suggestion.  I'm no different from millions of other yo-yo dieters, it is what it is.

4.01 pm:  And we are home from Hamilton.  Keera didn't think much of the optometrist:

ABOVE: She kept giving us foul looks... and she does them really well!

She refused to answer the optometrists questions, so I had to bribe her with the promise of an ice cream if she behaved.

 ABOVE:  She didn't really perk up until it came time to choose her very own glasses.
And she had very firm ideas on which ones she wanted!

ABOVE:  HER choice.  I pointed out that she never wears GREEN, but it didn't matter.  She wanted those ones, full stop, end of story!

So, she will have her glasses in about a week.  She has the same eye 'defect' as me and Lacy, an astigmatism.  Not far or short sighted, we just have trouble seeing horizontal lines clearly.

It's been drizzling on and off all day, so great for the gardens, farmers etc.  It's been getting VERY dry in many areas, to the point where flash fires are happening.
Scary stuff.  Bring on the rain!

Winding down for the day.  Just had a lovely visit from Martyn and Jacqui from Tauranga.  They had been over in Hamilton visiting with their Nana, who's in hospital.

Watching 24 LEGACY, a new series.  Hoping it's a good one, there is so much crap on TV nowdays.


  1. $10 says it is dated last week, which is fine IF there is a notation on it that shows it was not done at the time.

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    You have been constantly on a diet for years and only got bigger each time.
    Have you thought about therapy to address your eating issues?

    1. You are a bitch! Why dont you say who you are,instead of hiding under anonymous? If you dont have anything nice to say,go the fuck away!

    2. Have you thought about seeking therapy for being a rude gutless cow? No? Din't think so.

    3. Anonymous1:25 PM

      wooooow so Iv been having a bit of a down day till I read those replys..... shot girls.
      And annon how about go and play under a moving bus

    4. Anonymous3:58 PM

      I acutally didnt think that the anonymous (at 9.22am) was that rude. But the replies after it certainly are.

  3. Hi Chris. Glad to hear that the kindy has addressed the incident report to your satisfaction.

    Re the healthy lunches, you might find the download on the following link gives you a few more ideas:

    It is designed by the dietitians at the Canterbury District Health Board's Community and Public Health division.

  4. Hey. The magic tracker might be just the burst of motivation to get you going again!

  5. My son doesn\t like the eye doctor either. In fact, I have to call ahead for him and insist they don't do the eye drops test (the one that makes your eyes sensitive to light right after). I am at the point of needing reading glasses. I have never worn prescription glasses. I am 48. I am struggling with reading glasses because it is so new. I am not "used" to not being able to read things! Keera - your glasses are "awesome sauce". Good choice!

  6. I love the idea of the magic tracker. I just rejoined weight watchers on the 3rd week.....have to say I'm a serial yo yo dieter..... It is what it is

  7. O, those glasses look cute on her - or maybe she makes the glasses look cute??? lol

  8. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Keera certainly has a good eye for choosing glasses lol They suit her to a T! They look great!

  9. She looks so cute in glasses :-)

  10. oooooh i love the glasses! Very cute :)

  11. Keera is such a beautiful little girl and so lucky to have family like you, Stew and the big kids. I was diagnosed with Astigmatism when I was 5. I refused to get on buses and would pack a tantrum on the footpath. My siblings have been diagnosed in the last few years. They have gorgeous glasses for kids. I love green.

  12. Awesome glasses!

  13. Anonymous9:57 PM

    oh my baby Muppet I'm not sure why but it still making me tear up seeing you in glasses, and just to clarify I have nothing against people who need to wear them as I do and Ma and Dad and so on....its just I don't no, but you will always be my special little girl who can now see better than her mummy lol.....i miss you xxxx

    1. Like
      (if this was facebook I would hit the like button)

  14. Good luck with the WW tracker. Love the glasses.

  15. Good lord, those glasses are adorable on Keera!

  16. Keera looks great with her glasses..they really suit her😊

  17. She's so cute. I have astigmatism also. Also near sighted but now I also need to use some reading glasses with my sewing. URG

  18. People who wear glasses are the shiz just saying xx πŸ˜€


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