Friday, February 24, 2017


Today I'm off to lunch with the Sue's.  Two bloggers from Hamilton. I met Sue #2 the other day, and am looking forward to meeting Sue W today.  

I am sure we will have a nice time, we are going to the new pub in town, the Good Union.

ABOVE:  The Good Union is a new pub/eatery in Cambridge.  It's been open a few months and is VERY popular.
They are a boutique brewery as well.  I doubt I will be sampling any of their beers any time soon!

I am looking forward to trying their food though, Stew and I have been meaning to go for a while now, but it still hasn't happened.

Could have something to do with having to drag 3 kids along too? Yep, that's probably it.

Much as I love our kids/grandkids, it is going to be AMAZING when it's just Stew and Me!  Maybe in 5 years? 

Because Keera has a full day at Kindy, I can enjoy lunch and not have to rush off to pick her up either.  Her kindy is actually just 300 meters up the road from the pub! 

This morning, before I go out, I will be just doing odd jobs around the house.  Like so much FUN.  No really!  I love housework ...said no one EVER.


Oh shit, sorry I've not been on all day!  Been busy.

First up, I did some friggin housework.  Then I got all tidy and was about to  head out to meet the Sue's, when they rocked up in me driveway!

So they came inside and had a natter, then we went off to the pub (sounds so evil!) for lunch.
I got a ride with them, seemed silly to take two cars to the same place.

I swear, those two could be my missing sisters! We are so alike... it's scary.
Sue #2 warned me that Sue W was crazy and loud, and well... I think I held me own with those two!

Can you believe we ALL have a son who's a builder?  True dat.

Anyway... we spent a good couple of hours enjoying a lovely lunch:

ABOVE: Sue W taking a photo of our lunches!  Doing what all good bloggers do... cos I was doing the same obviously.  I had pork on a stick and some fries.  I didn't eat all the fries I'm proud to say.

Sue W had Pulled Pork on a Rosti... it looked delish.

 ABOVE:  Sue # 2 had a chicken and Avocado Salad, she said it was lovely.  It looked lovely too.  AND it was REAL chicken... not pressed shit.

I had a blast with those girls. 

At one point we were discussing WEIGHT *sigh*, and I was saying how I hated my face/boobs and bum... and Sue W decided to declare that she LOVED MY FACE, BOOBS AND BUM.... just at a young male waiter came to our table!

OMG!  He was highly amused... I think!  We tried to assure him we were not lesbians... but by the time Sue W got that tidbit of information out, he had scarpered.!  lol  

As I said, we had a blast, and I thorougly enjoyed myself.  THANKS GIRLS for taking me into the 'fold' so to speak.
I reckon we are going to be great friends.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Isn't that a lovely photo of us three?  Sue # 2 just loved those cows.  

We had lunch indoors, as it was blisteringly hot outside, and I think I would have melted if we'd sat out there.  Wouldn't have been a good look.

I'm sure there will be photos on the Sue's blogs of our lunch too:  Sue W and Sue # 2.

TRACY:  "Ladies at lunch"... ha ha ha! There is nothing ladylike about us let me assure you!  We are all down to earth, say it like it is chicks.
I love that about the Sue's.  Really, really normal, fun loving girls.  MY sorta girls.

Winding down for the day.  It's is unbelievable HOT inside this house tonight.  I turned on the Air Conditioning and closed the kitchen/family room door to keep it cool in here at least.

Coronation Street is on, 2 hours of utter enjoyment.  Then bed to toss and turn and sweat.  Oh ya.


  1. Enjoy your day. Looks like a nice place. Is that on the left as you are coming into Cambridge?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm. Moving furniture. .. if ya no what that means.

  4. Enjoy being Ladies who lunch 😁🍰

  5. Lunch with friends is always a great way to spend some time - enjoy !!!

  6. What a wonderful day for you Chris! Always good to find likeminded friends.

  7. Sounds EXACTLY like the perfect lunch. Food & laughs. Best type of Ladies who lunch anything else would've a bit dull 😀

  8. I can c a friendship similar to the one with the Palmerston North girls building. Glad to hear u had a great time xx

  9. Glad to read you had a great lunch. Somehow I knew you guys would hit it off!

  10. Seriously good lunch time, and remember we have another date on Monday out in the country!!! You may regret this you know!! xxx <3

    1. I seriously doubt I will regret meeting you two nutters! It's just what I needed, some real friends (HERE), with similar interests to me.

    2. Was a great day and so lovely to meet you! Off to bed now will blog tomorrow :D

  11. Best friends are hard to find but when you do it's like winning lotto! So happy for you ❤

  12. I've always said, "Facebook is good for finding old friends, blogging is good for making new ones" I've met several people through my blog, and they've all been cool. Sounds like you had a great lunch at the pub, and have a great weekend!

  13. Yeah for fun times with friends!

  14. Lunch ladies laughter best combo ever jealous much loving all the pics.


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