Saturday, February 18, 2017


Today we are going back to the Tamahere Market.
It's been a month since the last one, and a month since I put my 'name' on the Blue Fantail wooden garden post:

ABOVE:  So, today we can pick it up and get it home and find just the right spot in the garden to place it.
Stew has an idea where he thinks it should go, but I'm more like... let's try it in different places and see.

I don't want it to be in a place where it's vulnerable to getting hit with balls, or smacked into.

Apart from that, it's going to be a fairly 'normal' day.   Blasted housework to do, kids to entertain, bla bla bla.


11.31 am:  And we have been to the market, and picked up our garden post.  And sheesh, saw and bought something else for the garden too...

 ABOVE:  This darling birdhouse!  It took a little while to work out where to put it in the garden, but eventually, we came up with here:

ABOVE:  A little house on top of a house.  *smiles*

ABOVE: After much trial and error, the garden post ended up here.  If it doesn't feel right there, after time, we can always move it.  The little tree to the right will be a mass of blue flowers in a few months.  

It's going to look gorgeous there.

 ABOVE:  I hope I don't 'find' anything else for the garden!  

Nearly lunchtime, and I will be having very little.
I've been suffering badly from reflux since last night.

ABOVE:  Pies from last night.  The reason for my misery.
When will I learn that I can't eat pies?  They always give me dreadful reflux!
I had to 'sleep' sitting upright on a couch last night.
I didn't get much sleep.

A nap this afternoon is definitely on the cards.

And yep, I did  have a nap.  For a couple of hours at least.  Certainly needed it.

Stew cooked a pork roast for dinner, it was delicious.  AND I tracked everything and still stayed right on my points allowance for the day.

I sure won't get reflux again tonight.  

Signing off now, I've got a couple of little jobs to do, then I can relax and watch Coronation Street.


  1. O Chris - I Totally ADORE your new garden accessories. They are Beautiful- like - you and your family.

  2. Ohh the pies look WORTH it! And your garden looks LOVELY!! :)

  3. Love the garden post, I've never seen anything like it. The birdhouse is so cute as well.

  4. Love your new additions to the garden. Hope birds take up residence soon.

  5. Love your new additions to the garden. Hope birds take up residence soon.

  6. We have the best stuff for reflux here. Gavascon Duel Action. Works really fast and does a great job!

    Love the new garden bits and bobs x

  7. Beautiful fantail post and birdhouse ohhhhh I feel another visit on the cards! Just to wander round the garden.


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