Sunday, February 26, 2017


While we were out getting Keera's glasses yesterday, I popped into TS (big girl's shop), and took advantage of their sales.

I managed to grab two new tunic/dresses and a lovely blue/white sheer over coat.

AND, using the handy dandy remote, I took some photos, it's SO EASY now! 

 ABOVE: New navy blue dress and sheer over coat. The other clothes I already had.

 ABOVE:  Left is new white tunic/dress and new sheer over coat.

ABOVE:  both tunics/dresses were the same, I love the lace detail on the sides of them.

It was VERY hot in my room yesterday afternoon taking the photos... hence the flushed face.  

Now, today we are taking a day trip over to Tauranga.  I want to check out the venue for my Mum's 80'th birthday in May.
It is just up the road from where my Mum grew up and went to primary school.

And it is where she wants her party, so the hall is booked!  The cake is ordered, and the invites have gone out.

It's going to be a lovely family 'reunion' of sorts, as it's not that often all of my Mum's siblings get together.  I'm expecting 9/10ths of them.  Sadly, one of her sisters lives in Canada, and I'm not expecting her.

But it will be awesome anyway. 

Taking our togs today, as it's going to be a stinking hot day again.  A swim might just be on the cards. 



We have just got home and I have to start at the 'end' of our day trip, cos it's so funny!

We get home, and I walk inside to see this:

 ABOVE:  A TRUE BLOGGER'S SON!  Laying out on the floor, ready for a photo, his new clothes!!!

I feel SO PROUD.  (I hadn't asked him to do it!)

We bought the boy some new t-shirts, as nothing fits him any more.  He went out today wearing one of Stew's shirts.

ABOVE:  He chose these 4 shirts, all size 2XL.  He's a big boy.

Right, back to the start of the day.

We left around 10 am, and headed off to Tauranga.  But, I made Stew stop at Hinuera, cos there was this ROCK I wanted to photograph.

Last time I saw it I immediately thought of:

 ABOVE:  'Lion Rock'! 

ABOVE:  Seriously... totally our own Lion Rock eh?  Without the hyena's. 😝

Random photos:

 ABOVE:  Griffin keeping his little sister safe in the car park.

 ABOVE: I don't get many photos of these two together. Nice one today.

We went for a walk over the rail bridge at the bottom of the Tauranga shopping centre:

ABOVE:  I would have loved to be in that little boat fishing!

 ABOVE:  DREAM HOME... on the water, own boat shed and ramp, and a two minute walk to the shops!  Drool.

 ABOVE:  Heard of 'ducks in a row'?  Well, I give you... boats in a row.  Cos I can.

 ABOVE:  The view from my Aunt and Uncle's home in Oropi, which is a few miles out of Tauranga.
A very heat hazy day today, so not the best photo of the bay and Mount.

The reason for our trip over there was to check out the Oropi Hall... so we get there and walk in... and in this huge expanse of bare room is:

 ABOVE:  Can you see it?  .... all on it's own seemingly...

ABOVE:  A teeny, tiny baby!  

I'm like, wtf?  Then we walked around a corner and there was her Mum, talking to a young couple who were also there, checking out the hall for their wedding venue!
Rather funny.  

 ABOVE: Our girls found their little girl outside in the playground and had some fun.

 ABOVE:  Keera having fun outside at Richard and Muriel's. 

 ABOVE: Neighbour's over the fence.
I love cows.

And that's all for now!  I'm trying to do this update, cook dinner (macaroni cheese with bacon) and tend to Keera, who is coughing and vomiting on the couch!

Yep, busy.

*sigh*... dinner is done.  No one seemed that hungry.  Keera couldn't eat much cos she kept having a coughing fit and up chucking. Ikk.
Poor kid I know, I know.

She's come right now, so hopefully she sleeps well and wakes up feeling better.

Winding down for the day now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love the new garb :D You're getting the hang of the remote, clever girl. Now remember to smile next time xxx

  2. Great outfits! We have TS here too... they have some gorgeous stuff and lots of sales.

  3. Yes, the outfits are lovely and you are so right about the lace trim-really neat-o-peachy! That remote is funny, isn't it??? Who would ever have dreamed of a remote for a camera????LOL The things we have seen change during our life-times????

  4. I like those tunics with the lace, and the capri pants. looking good, girl!

  5. What a gorgeous day. Love your outfits, especially the blue over jacket. You have taken some great pictures, especially the cows, lol.

  6. I love your new clothes. Blue and white are so refreshing and happy colours.

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Great pics! Hope Keera feels better :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. I love love that sheer coat the colours and lace tops very nice. I say again I know Griffin is so handsome and so tall nice photos of the day out....


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