Wednesday, February 01, 2017


 "Oh LOOK Grandma!  I've got a new friend, can I keep him?"

 "Isn't he so cute Grandma?"
"He's looking at me!"....

..... and then 'he' took flight, and suddenly he wasn't so bloody cute anymore!

"GRANDMA!  Save me!"  She stood rigidly, not moving a muscle...

"Don't move Keera, let me get him off you without killing him ok?"

As soon as I took him off her face she freaked out and cried.  Poor kid, somehow I don't think she's going to be picking up any bugs again.  Well, not a praying mantis I'm sure.  😉  I better show her the photo of the weta and warn her NOT to pick one of them up!

Neither 'big' kid has school today, they both start full days again TOMORROW.  For two days.  Then they get another long weekend, as Monday coming is Waitangi Day.

I'm going to spend some time this morning taking all the stakes OFF the garden edging I bought yesterday.  Then we will be back to square one ... and it can be done 'properly' in the weekend, when Stew and Steve can do it.

I'm retiring from garden projects!  I suck at them.

I'm holding off going back to Aqua fit till next week, when all the kids will be at school and kindy, and I don't have to work around any of them.

AND... it's February!  Bloody hell January went fast.  Better start planning Christmas again.  lol


So... I get home after dropping Keera at Kindy, and think... hmmm ... might just water the plants in pots by the front door.
Get out the hose and yeah... ended up watering the pots and then cleaning the driveway and front door area.  
Took me an hour!  

Then I come inside and finally take some photos of coasters and 'trivets' for a couple of readers.

I SAY TRIVETS... but now?  They need to be called LARGE and SMALL COASTERS!
I used one yesterday with a very hot copper bottom pot and the damn varnish crackled a bit in places... most upsetting as that hadn't happened when I tested them earlier?

I DID change the varnish I was using early on as what I first got was horribly expensive.  That might be why the new varnish isn't 'right' for them to be 'trivets'.

So.. now they are lovely medium and large sized coasters! Still lovely to have on your bench for putting warm and cold dishes on.

Now I need to figure out how to add a 'Page' to my blog, where I can show all my bits n bobs that are for sale...

WELL!  That wasn't too hard after all.  Now I have a link on my sidebar (at the top) where I will show things I am selling.  For now, it's just the coasters and ink paintings... Whoops!  I haven't added the paintings yet.
Will do that later.

I'm going to be making and selling fabric coasters and some of those BIG bags I made a few years ago too. They were really popular.  

ABOVE:  See?  I called these my 'Cute Bags'... but now I'm gunna call them WIDE OPEN bags... cos they open really wide and are awesome for all sorts of things.  And you don't have to hunt around in your bag looking for 'that thing'... you can see it straight away when you open the bag!

I hope to have a few made and up for sale in the next couple of months.

Before I forget again... HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TO OUR GRANDSON LIAM.  I hope you have a wonderful day. XOX

ABOVE: Murphy's Law.  I water the plants and gardens, and now it's going to rain.  Pffffft.

Since lunchtime, I've been sewing.  I've started making the toppers for our bedside drawers, dressing table and chest of drawers.  I've done the two larger ones up to putting binding on.
I will have to make more binding though.

That can be done tomorrow.

It's time for a break... I'm freakin tired!

It's 'takeaway' night, so I'm not cooking.  Stew... take note.

Dinner was good, we opted for burgers, and they tasted just like home made ones.
Winding down... off to bed soon.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    oh Keera you are just to precious, mummy loves pray mantis too...untill they fly into my face or head xx

  2. OMG Keera is so brave. I don't think I could have stood so still with that thing on my face. I love all your tiles, I sure hope they do better at your next sale.

  3. Poor Keera! Had to laugh though... lol She did well not to totally fereak out and kill the poor thing.
    Bummer about the trivets.... all that work!! Love the big bag too...

  4. Don't let her get scared of bugs! My sister-in-law is a somewhat famous entomologist and makes a living showing people bugs in Costa Rica. Here is her website:
    The very first picture is of a praying mantis! Show her please!


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